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Tian Wei Confinement Food Review - Confinement catering review

Hi Everyone!

Its back to my series of blogpost about confinement! Lets do a Confinement Food Review So this is the second time that i have choose to engage Tian Wei Signature Confinement food, similarly, i start my food with Tian Wei after my 6 weeks of confinement service with PEM confinement nanny. This time round, i got the 14Days Lunch & Dinner plan instead of the 28Days lunch and dinner previously. (Click here to read Tian Wei Confinement Food Review)

All of Tian Wei meals are 100% MSG FREE, breast feeding friendly with plenty of milk boosting ingredients, freshly cooked daily and has a well balanced variety with over 49 different dishes. Confinement meals CAN be good!! Not forgetting their generous portion, i am a small eater it can usually feed me and my helper! Also, i love how thoughtful the meal prep team are. They ALWAYS remember that i do not take innards and certain vegetables, and through out my 14Days of lunch and dinner, i never get them!! In addition, they have this sticker on the food container when the fish served had bones in it.

Here is a blogpost on what to eat during confinement period

Tian Wei Signature meals are cooked with the high quality ingredients and food. They have prepared 28 different type of herbal soup to replenish blood lost during delivery, boost strength and improve blood circulation during confinement period. If you look at the photos bellow, all of their soup are packed full of herbs and meat! Here is a list of soup that is available. Everything is well prepared and you do not need to worry about what to eat during your confinement period

Each of Tian Wei confinement meals are usually compromises of either one of the following

A) Traditional Confinement meal

- Rice (from (white rice, black barley rice, brown rice, pumpkin rice, 5 grains rice, black bean rice, quinoa mixed rice, tri-color rice, barley millet rice, toasted oat millet rice)


-Meat or Fish

- Nourishing Herbal Soup

B) Fusion Confinement meal

-Mediterranean (seared salmon with cauliflower cream and tri-colour grains) MY FAVOURITE!!

-Japanese (Kurobuta Pork Loin with Apple Mirin Sauce and Spaghetti)

-Japanese (Goma-ae grilled chicken with spinach with Ginger Miso soup)

-Mediterranean (Coq Au Vin) Also a favourite of mine

-Mediterranean ( Tomato cumin chicken stew with eggplant)

ALL fusion meals are served with a dessert such as papaya white fungus, snow fungus peach resin hashima, sweet potato longan.

Click here and enter your EDD (estimated delivery due date) to browse through the entire menu! confinement-food-menu

Here is the price plan! and you can customize your meal plan with special add-ons such as birdnest, 30days bathing herb or pay extra $10 per meal to include a special bento with 1 staple, 1 meat, 1 vegetable and 1 soup. Similarly, they would be able to cater to special request such as no eggs / chicken for the 1st two weeks (great for Csect mommies like me!), no pork liver/stomach/kidney or no innards and plenty of other request! Just indicate your preferences in the order and they will take note of it. For example, i requested for no pork innards, no pork trotter vinegar (change it to pork slices), no lady finger, no eggplant and etc. all of these request was catered to me.

Oh yes, not forgetting to mention, all of the packages comes with free delivery! Where your meal will be delivered nice and warm in a high quality iconic Tian Wei Signature thermal bag. Each meal is also serve and sealed well in a disposable container so no messy washing of bowls or plates is required! This is so useful if you would like to follow traditional confinement rules of not touching water and dont have a confinement nanny or around to clean the dishes. Throughout the 14Days of lunch and dinner served, all my dishes was served sealed and there was not a single spillage in the bag! so you can see how well pack the meals are

Not forgetting they have a very hardworking team of support staff behind the phone lines to answer any phone calls or queries or last minute changes in the meal plan. for example, you would like to have more traditional meals or if you would like to skip certain days of meal, the team would always be there to help you do the necessary arrangement.

Here are how the trial meal looks like!

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