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My experience with Novu Aesthetics Treatment and their Active Range Skincare

Hi Everyone,

Recently i have going to Novu Aesthetics for their signature P+ Phyto Laser and Ion Infusion Treatment.

P+ Laser starts off with a short consultation with the doctor to understand your lifestyle, skin issues and problems. All laser treatments are done by doctor. What i really enjoy about going to NOVU aesthetics is the no-appointment needed system. Basically, you just need to download the app (oh yes, Download it and be rewarded with a surprise), where you can access all your package details, view the opening hours of all their stores, no.of people in queue in each stores, read about all their treatment and products. As a user myself, i find the app really useful and the best part is, i am consistently updated with the latest promotion & new via the app. I manage to save it in the app and flash it to the counter to enjoy extra perks!

Also each session at Novu Aesthetics starts off with getting a queue number and while waiting using their makeup remover wipes which is super effective and gentle. The P+ Laser done by the doctor, the pain was actually very minimal. The doctor usually does a small area of the face and checks if you are okay to proceed on. I have little threshold for pain and honestly, the laser was not even a 1/10 pain level for me. There might be some tingling sensation on areas where the skin is thinner but honestly, it was zero pain. After the laser, i proceed on with Ion Infusion treatment where the therapist puts on a mix of 3 serum (92% concentrate HA serum, Shiro Whitening to lighten pigmentation and Kakadu Plum extract which has 100x more vitamin C than oranges to reduce signs of againg) using a probe for better absorbtion. The Ion infusion instantly cools down the skin, provides maximum hydration, smooth out fine lines while encouraging cell renewal and reducing pigmentation.

Both P+ laser and Ion infusion treatment have zero downtime. It’s really quick about 15-20mins and I’m out of the treatment room to enjoy a sheet mask or a drink and let the remaining serum to absorb before putting on some light makeup.

Here is the reception area, just a quick scan of your identity card to get your queue number

Explore the skin bar where it stocks a full range of their skincare items while waiting! But usually there is little or no queue

Here is another waiting area. You can charge your phone, remove your makeup and etc

And here is their in-house makeup remover wipes! Super love

While waiting, you can check out their monthly promotion or get yourself a drink.

Novu Active Skincare, targeting people with a busy lifestyle and anyone who is always on the move. It has a super pocket friendly prices (YES really REALLY AFFORDABLE). Pop them into your gym bag or any bag to make sure your skin is well taken care of all the time

Purifying face scrub ($19.90): fresh, neutral, energizing scent that lingers on lightly even after wash off. Creamy Scrub that melts into skin with tiny beads and it warms up slightly to open up the pores for exfoliation, so gentle it’s suitable for daily exfoliation. (I used to exfoliate once a week but I came across this interview done by a certain local beauty/heiress/socialite that she exfoliate almost everyday or once every 2 days. So I started trying out the same but opting a much gentle scrub of course! And I start to notice my skin is so much softer, smaller pores and I get compliments that my skin is really good. Doubles up as a cleanser too!

Acne spot easer ($19.90), doesn’t stings when applying on pimples/acne (we have all been there haven’t we?) colourless gel that kills all the bacteria, reducing inflammation and gives immediate relief. It is also great for treating large pores, acne and acne scars.

Lifting sunscreen mist ($24.90): mist on for sun protection. What’s so convenient is that you can use it before and after your makeup. Touch up your makeup mid-day with this mist that not only keeps your skin protected from the sun but also hydrates the skin. I usually use a tissue to blot off excess oil (esp around the tzone, mist on the sunscreen with about 2-3spritz, use my fingertips to tap on evenly and touchup my makeup.) use on both face and body!

Contouring gel ($34.90): leaves a warm, tingling sensation contains caffeine which is good to target cellulite reduction on areas such as thighs, arms, abdomen, hips and buttocks. It also tone, firm and sculpt. I really love this, the warming sensation feels so comfortable after a shower, i actually use this up really fast so i am planning to get a second tube soon! Tri-action clarifying hydrator ($34.90). It’s a toner, serum and moisturizer all in one. Perfect if you are rushing back home/work from the gym. The secret to having good skin is ALWAYS keep your skin moisturized no matter what. I never leave my bedroom without having some skin of moisturizer on. So this is perfect if you just have time for 1 product. It’s very mildly scented, with a gel texture that melts into watery form when applied. Plus it’s fully absorbed in like 15seconds on to bareskin even when I applied a generous layer on my skin. Doesn’t leave the skin sticky so you can put on your makeup or sunscreen immediately after.

In addition to the ACTIVE range, there is also the Enliven Range which targets more on anti-aging issues using natural botanical such as the Australian super fruit, Kakadu Plum as this antioxidant-rich extract contains 100-times more Vitamin C than oranges.

yes that is right, if you see in the product packaging, it will highlight CL/CS/CT where CL stands for colour, CS stands for consistency and CT stands for contour and the targeted results will be highlighted in red for the active range so if CL is highlighted in red, it means that the product is good to target colour issues Novu Website:

Novu App: Novu Aesthetics (on Google Play and App Store)

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