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Decorte Beauty - Eye Glow Gem

Hi everyone!

Today i will be sharing swatches with you of my FAVOURITE eyeshadow single. This is the most underrated product ever, i wished more people would have tried it so feel so amazing the texture is. It feels as soft and smooth as silk with glitter and shimmers so fine, it is u

Glowing color in a sweep. This dewy-like texture blends effortlessly for a lasting hold of high-impact three-dimensional color. Won't dull or smudge - for a lasting, beautiful finish. Available in 20 shades for infinite mix-and-match. Choose from 20 colors to perfectly match any mood or occasionChoose from 5 accent colors, 6 medium colors, 7 highlight colors, and 2 glitter colors, for a total of 20 different colors. Enjoy combining different colors and glow effects.

Texture: The texture is super soft and smooth almost silk like, it is not too creamy nor too liquid. I feel that the consistency is perfect for blending and honestly very unique. It reminds me of GA's Eyes to Kill eyeshadow pots but these are much softer and more mousse-like

Pigment: The lighter shades are indeed pretty sheer especially the highlighting shades (3rd slide of photos). I had a hard time capturing them on camera and i think these colours are great for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes giving you the doll-eye barely there effect. While the darker colours gives a Godiva-like chocolate brown. The 4th slide features these browns and they are insanely gorgeous. I really enjoy wearing them and lining my under/outer corners of the eyes using these colour.

Colours: The huge variety of colours makes it so hard to just pick 1 shade. So i suggest picking up 2-3 and try blending 2 to create this gorgeous jewel tone or simply wear 1 light - medium neutral shade on a daily basis. You will love it!

I started out my Decorte Eye Glow Gem collection with just 3-5 pots but i geuineinly love Decorte makeup so much and i am so happy to receive this practically full series of Eye Glow Gem! Swatching them was such a pleasure because it really goes glides on so easily.

Price: $35 each

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