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Candide and Beaba Babycook are your must have baby accessories

Hi Everyone!

As a new mom, i have been constantly exploring baby products, i am filled with abundant of choices and variety, so much so i often end up buying things which i do not need (or rather my baby does not need) and it becomes very excessive. Also, i avoid buying things which limits the use/liftspan to the baby age, for example, this baby car seat which only allow use up to 6months and beyond 6 months, it becomes redundant. Imagine a big baby? The car seat which easily cost a few hundred dollars would only be used for 4-5months?

My new shopping place would always be Mothercare, Motherworks and the baby section in departmental stores. After exploring so many brands, i would like to share with everyone some of my favorite and best discovery! I discover this French baby brand - Candide which makes some really good qaulity pillows. My first purchase was actually the P'tit Panda Pillow Air+, the P'tit Panda is designed with memory foam to elevate the baby's head so that it retains a good round shape slightly. The Air+ version is made with ultra soft material with mesh stitching in the center to allow air circulation and it follows the shape of baby's head. Now i put it in the stroller and let baby use it as a hugging toy or pillow.

Candide 15 deg Cot Wedge is a wedge pillow created to raise the baby’s head so that he/she can sleep better in bed. With visco-elastic foam on the upper part in order to keep the head nice and round. The elevation is good to reduce reflux in babies A comfortable wedge that covers the bed from side to side and prevents a possible fall from the wedge.

  • Place the cot wedge between the fitted sheet and the mattress, under baby's head.

  • The baby is in a slightly elevated position, making it easier to breathe.

  • Soft cover in Terry material

  • Anti-mite and anti-bacterial

  • Removable and washable, for a perfect hygiene

  • For mattress size 70x140cm

  • Size: 65 x 35 x 8 cm

Recommended for babies 0-24 months.

Mat Comfort - Changing Mattress - My favourite out of the whole lot! One of the most innovative product i ever come across. With this changing mattress, you no longer need to purchase the typical "changing top" from baby furniture shops which becomes redundant and difficult for storage once baby grows out of it. This is a mattress + changing mat + towel all-in-one. The best part is it grows together as the baby grows, simply just remove the insert when baby grows bigger. My baby is turning 6months old but i am still using the insert because she looks really comfortable and cozy inside! Infact she loves her diaper changing session with the insert (although its recommended for 0-3mths baby) and she hardly flips or move around too much with the insert. It makes my diaper changing session so much easier as compared to her moving, turning, tossing, kicking all over!

The raised sides helps to prevent baby from rolling and turning over, securing baby well within the changing mattress.

It is made of waterproof material but you can still remove it to machine wash every once in awhile. I love to use this after bathing baby, with this, i would never wet the bedding and baby lotion or baby oil would not stain the bed too. I always use this while using a baby massage oil. Plus it is so light weight, i usually leave it by the side of the baby cot after use so my baby can roll around her cot in her sleep.

And when i take the insert out to wash, i replace it with a P'tit Panda Air+ pillow.

Waterproof Fitted Sheet - Comes in 70x140cm or 60x120cm for beds or 40x80cm for cradle. Candide 2 in 1 fitted sheet is actually a fitted sheet and mattress protector with 1 jersey TENCEL side and one waterproof side. The Air+ version is a big hit here in Singapore because of our humid weather and the normal waterproof mattress protector would make baby feel warm after lying in the same position for a long time. My baby enjoys sleeping in the Air+ version as it is made with breathable material. What makes it so breathable is actually the 3D honeycomb-like structure mesh material which ventilates air easily preventing overheating. While being waterproof at the same time! so baby's sweat/drool/pee (basically any fluids) would not stain the bedding. Purchase it here --> Candide Alesse Air+ Mattress Protector

And now moving on from the bedding... I started introducing solids to baby at 5-6months and with the help of using Beaba's Babycook, feeding seems so much easier. This is a 4 in 1 cooker that steam, blends, defrosts and reheats baby food. It is super safe and easy to use. I have got the Babycook Solo but there is also the Duo version that does two preparations together so this is perfect if you have more than 1 kid and wants them to take different types of food. It is so easy to use you only need one hand to operate. It comes with a Steam Basket, Blending Bowl, Spatula in each box, there is also plenty of additional accessories such as the silicone multipurpose which you can refreeze and reheat individual portions for each meal rather than preparing it all over again

Steaming :

Retail Price

Ptit Panda: $27

Ptit Panda Air+: $45 (comes in 3 colours)

15 Degree Cot Wedge: $73/$92 (120x60cm/140x70cm)

Changing Mat : $149

Air+ Breathable Fitted Sheet 70x140cm: $59/$75 (120x60cm/140x70cm)

Beaba Babycook (Rosegold) : $259 (comes in a variety of colours)

Follow Candide and Beaba Singapore Facebook page for the lastest promo! Beaba Singapore is now having GSS GWP promo: Purchase any Babycook Solo and get a the Multiportion FREE!

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