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Dealing with post-natal hairloss with the help of Phytologist 15

Hi everyone

During the 3-4months post partum, i experience significant hairloss. It was such a traumatizing experience there was times i had to close my eyes throughout the shower and purposely diverted my eyes away from the shower drain. I could not understand how scary it was when people told me about postpartum hairloss until i experienced it myself, it affected me so badly that i was at my wits end. So i went back to my most trustworthy brand Phyto to check if there is any products to help.

I was introduced to Phytologist 15 range (which i was very familiar with as i have tried it previously) ---> Phytologist-15-Best-Anti-Hairloss-Treatment-I-Have-Ever-Tried

I was told to use according to the steps below

Step 1: Pre-Shampoo / Regulate: Use Phytopolleine botanical scalp stimulant a 100% botanical pre-shampoo serum to stimulate and restore balance to all scalp condition. Contains 72% essential oil to stimulate scalp and boost treatment that follows. I use this phytopolleine once every 2 weeks. It is very important to leave it on for at least 20 minutes for the scalp to fully absorb the oil and soften the hair follicles so that it can allow new hairgrowth. In summary, Photopolleine is used to stimulate the scalp for hairgrowth and clean scalp, not just for users who are looking for hairfall solution but everyone who wants to keep a healthy scalp.

The Phytopolleine comes in a 25ml and 100ml (which was not sponsored and i purchase 2 bottles for own use). Do note that only the 25ml comes with the nozzle tip where you can apply it directly on to the scalp.

Step 2: Shampoo: Use a scalp care shampoo 2-3 times a week. Get a shampoo that targets your scalp concern, eg, Phyocane / Phytolium / phytologist 15 Shampoo for Hairloss, Phytheol for dandruff issue, Phytocedrat for oily scalp and so on... (refer to this website for shampoo for different scalp concern. Use a normal shampoo without silicon & parabens. I was told to rotate the Phytologist 15 together with my existing Phytomillesime and Phytopanama to control oil secretion while keeping my hair soft and smooth.

Step 3: Treat: Phytologist 15 for absolute anti-hairloss treatment in both women and men. I have tried all 3 and i prefer the Phytolium 4 and Phytologist 15 as results of both hair growth and reduce in hair loss is faster. The effectiveness this time round when i am facing postpartum hairloss is AMAZING. Within the span of 3weeks, the amount of hairloss has reduced significantly. I no longer see bundles of hair falling off while blow drying.

Here is a little table to compare the 3 types of anti-hairloss treatment.

The 4 main active ingredient with each serving a unique purpose to protect our scalp while promoting effective hair growth.


You can see plenty of baby hair growing at my hair parting and hairline. Post partum hairloss at these areas were so significant, there was slight baldspots visible when i part my hair. But with consistent use of the Phytologist 15, my hairloss was very much controlled and i can see new babyhair growing!!

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