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Top 3 new beauty device to get your skin glowing

With the current trend of incorporating technologies into beauty regime i have come with with some of the latest beauty devices targeting the busy working ladies. Generally, beauty devices has been around for quite some time but it hardly penetrates into the consumer market because it can be very expensive, bulky, not user friendly and hard to maintain. But as consumers are now more receptive to new ideas, there are much more at-home beauty devices where users can create their very own facial session at home. 1. Iren Skin Vaporizer ($338, now $299 and free 3 serums) Founded by the team behind Iren Skin (who also happens to be the same team behind Ikeda Spa), which uses a combination of high pressure (up to 85kPa) and delivering micron- sized droplets of skincare through the nozzle. The result is the serums are transformed into light as air, it feels exactly like wind blowing caress through my skin. This IS the next generation of skincare application as there is no need for hands application for thorough absorption. It is said to allow 3 uses where you can use it for serum or makeup application or simply use it on-the-go as a skin refresher. Try pairing it with Iren Skin serums or their starter kit which contains 3 types of boosting serum where you can mix them together and put it into the Skin Vaporizer, they do work very wonderful together. One full charge can last me for 2-3 weeks with twice a day application. I did top up the serum after about 10-11days of continuous use. What i do is to get 3 Iren Skin serum and add 5 pumps of each serum into the Skin Vaporizer. My favourite serum are the soothing, hydrating and anti-aging serums. Each of their 7 serums are inspired by superfruits such as Pumpkin, Avocado, Yuzu, Goji Berry and more, complete their skin survey to find out which serum suits you the best. Iren Skin was actually the last event i attended before giving birth to my baby and i really enjoy using the serums both during and after pregnancy.  

2. Ya-Man Photo Plus ($539 at all Ya-Man Singapore Counters)

Skip your monthly facials after you have this YA-MAN photo plus device. It is an at-home beauty device for Anti-aging facial treatment which integrates RF (radio frequency) Heating, Iontophoresis, Ion cleansing, Cooling, Red LED and EMS into one device for healthier and younger skin. With 5 different modes, it gives you the ease of having your facial at the comfort of your own home. 

It starts off with Clean Mode using Radio Frequency (RF) + Ion Cleansing + Vibration. The warmth of RF and the power of ION will efficiently remove even the slightest dirt from your skin. At the Moisture Mode, there is RF +Iontophoresis + Vibration to enhance the penetration of skincare ingredients. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) stimulates muscles to prevent anti aging while the red LED mode minimise appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The whole session then ends off with a Cooling mode to tighten and reduce pore size. It is a all-rounded device by combining a whole facial session into one portable device. 

I use this regularly with a sheet mask and i have never gone to any facial session ever since. It might be pretty pricey but rest assure this is worth every cent as it is made in Japan with Japan technology and just think of the amount of money you could save by skipping facials and using this device instead!

Head over to my Instagram and checkout YA-MAN in the highlight section, i have included a step-by-step on how to use this device. A full charge last me about 15-20 sessions of the standard 5 step routine.

3. ReFa Carat S ($220)

This small little massaging device might look a little too "cute" initially but when i tried it on my face, it fits the contours such as the jaw line, nose bridge and laugh lines very well. The ReFa S CARAT is specially designed for areas around the eyes and mouth, replicating the gentle “point kneading” massage technique of an esthetician via the fingertips. It tightens the skin around the eyes and lips which tends to slacken over time. In addition, the push-point tip at the end of the handle provides ideal pinpoint care. Combined with microcurrent technology, collagen and elasticity production is stimulated leaving skin lifted and radiant with glow. This serves as more of a massaging device for me, if you use it daily, it will gives you a super uplift effect. 

I do think that this is really special because it is probably the only beauty device in the market where is serves a targeted region (eyes, lips, contour) and fits even the smallest area.

ReFa rollers are powered by light. There is no need for any charging. Here is a post i did much earlier on Refa Body and ReFa Carat

I just realize that all of these beauty devices that i love are originate or formulated with Japanese technology! Well, this is purely coincidental but we cannot deny that the Japanese produce some of the highest quality beauty products and are the pioneers in beauty devices. I absolutely trust anything that is  made in Japan!!

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