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Tian Wei Confinement Food Experience

Hi Everyone!

So today i am here to talk about my confinement. Just a little background on the local confinement practices, it includes many ridiculous rules which in my opinion adds unnecessary stress to new moms. For me, the process of labour, c-section, recovery was not traumatizing, it was the confinement experience which i could not stand. And because of the terrible experience i had during confinement, i decided to skip the confinement lady for the next baby.

i will address some of the ridiculous rules.

1) No Bathing.

Confinement originates from Northern China where it is really cold most of the time and freezing during winter months. Those villages do not have access to water and basically need to "fetch" water from the well to bath. Thus they started the no bathing policy in fear that moms would get sick from the cold winds. But here in Singapore, we all have heaters in our bathroom and our humid weather is insane to ask anyone not to bath. I showered every single day during my confinement even though my CL (confinement lady) did not allow because hygiene is super important to me. Infact, it is important to practice good hygiene if you are breast feeding or nursing.

2) No Stepping Out of the House

As ridiculous as it sounds, we need to head back for gynae checkups, baby checkups and heading out is necessary if you want to take a breather from everything. I started heading out at 14days post partum because i simply cannot be locked up at home the wholeday listening to baby cries.

3) Layer on thick clothing or keeping yourself warm all the time.

Seriously!!? Its Singapore where it is 30degrees and above anytime. If it is a cloudy and cold day then you could layer on but if it is hot and sunny, please do not be silly and pile on thick layer of clothing. There was this lady in China who was wearing layers of clothing and covering herself in blanket in Summer during her confinement, she died due to heat! So ladies, please just be comfortable and do not listen to those myths!

There are plenty more confinement myths, just Google "confinement myths" and a whole list of items will come up. My CL was terrible because she basically cooks the same thing everyday and i am glad i had Tian Wei Confinement Food bringing me warm and yummy dishes every single meal. Before Tian Wei Confinement food started, i actually lost weight because i couldnt stand eating the same thing everyday. hahaha. I am lucky to have Tian Wei because it is really important for ladies to eat well during nursing!

Just a little background on , each meal usually is a traditonal confinement meal + Soup OR Fusion+ Dessert + soup.

The Variety

Tian Wei meals contains 45 types of nourishing soups, 44unique meat dishes, 42 unique vegetables dishes and are ALL pro-breast feeding! Meaning no veg that would cause your milk supply to drop.

The Menu

Each meal from Tian Wei Signatures comes with 2 red date and longan drink. Throughout my confinement meal of 28days (both lunch and dinner) i only had repetition of food twice and those are the really yummy ones which i really do not mind eating them a few times more. Do check out their menu here, simply just key in your EDD (estimated delivery date) and the page will generate a menu for you.

The menu compromises of a good mix of traditional confinement meal + fusion meals. I find the fusion confinement meal a really refreshing touch, think Mediterranean or Japan meals whenever you are sick of the traditional ones! When my confinement meal ended, i really missed the meals from Tian Wei!

Below is some of the fusion confinement meals that i really enjoyed

Below are some of my favourite traditional confinment meal. All meals comes with a traditional confinement herbal soup that is packed full of nutritious ingredients to boost strength and improve blood circulation. As you can see, each soup is usually filled with so much herbs and taste extremely flavorful.

Here is the pork (slices) with black vinegar. Tian Wei Signatures was very attentive, they dropped me an email upon confirmation to check if i do not eat any innards and because i dont eat pork knuckle and trotter, they kindly suggest to replaced it with pork slices

This is my FAVORITE out of all the meals i had. The Stir fried pork liver and white bee hoon and kailan. It is SO SO SO yummy i did not stop eating after the first taste. Imagine i was left with a whole serving of the side dish. I did let my husband had a taste of the bee hoon and even he said it is very delicious, taste all most like carb bee hoon!

Each of the traditional confinement meal also comes with a huge portion of rice. They rotate different types of rice (white rice, black barley rice, brown rice, pumpkin rice, 5 grains rice, black bean rice, quinoa mixed rice, tri-color rice, barley millet rice, toasted oat millet rice, fried rice) through out the confinement period so you will never get sick!

My ultimate favourite - The Stir fried pork liver and white bee hoon and kailan. This comes with the white fungus dessert which is really yummy!

Ordering Tip: DO let Tian Wei Signatures know what are some of the food that you do not want eg innards. Also, if you prefer to have strong ginger taste in your meals, they should be able to add in more ginger for you. I do not eat pork trotter and they manage to replace it with pork slices which i love it so much because it is SO SO SO soft! totally enjoy eating the braised pork (slices) in black vinegar

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