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Dr. Barbara Sturm Skincare range, only the best for your skin.

Hi! Hope everyone has been good lately. Just a little update about myself. I am currently officially in my 3rd Trimester! At 7months preg, its 2 more months to go before we welcome a new family member into our love nest.

So i spent 3weeks holidaying in Greece as my Babymoon (this holiday where we have before the birth of a baby and in my case, a pretty long massive summer holiday touring around Greece) To be honest, Greece was never my number one choice when it comes to holidays destination, i prefer somewhere where it is more exotic like Iceland and South Africa which i went last year and really had the time of my life and cross out a couple of bucketlist items! Haha! but because i am pregnant, my husband and i decided on somewhere safer and more relaxing. Basically, i went to Athens, Delphi, Olympia, Meteora, Santorini and Mykonos. Also we did a Gulf cruise exploring 3 Saronic islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra. Glad that i did the Gulf cruise because i fell sick during Mykonos and Santorini which was the last 1/3 of the trip and also the highlight where we spend quite a lot of money booking some of the best suites around the island. Nevertheless, the whole experience in Greece was quite memorable! And i was really looking forward to coming back home to rest and get well.

So my first event after coming back from Greece was with the Net-A-Porter Beauty team !! They are a bunch of really fun people to hang out with and organizing a sit down luncheon at the new COMO Dempsey. It was a very lovely afternoon when i arrived to see the venue so nicely decorated with white fresh flowers, it was like sitting in the middle of a garden with fresh blooms and enjoying a beautiful meal specially prepared by the team.

The highlight of the event was meeting Dr Barbara Sturm, the skincare label founder who was well known for adding your own blood into the customized face cream. The German aesthetic doctor and creator of Barbara Sturm (available on Net-A-Porter), a range which strongly believes in quality skincare using the minimum number of products. Her formulation of the skincare is based on medical understanding of anti-aging and cells to protect, stengthen and detoxify without overburdening the skin and are all gentle enough for sensitive skin users.

Her celebrity clients include Rosie Huntington, Angela Bassett and Jennifer Aniston.

So without further a do, lets start discovering the products!

sidetrack, this Aburi Trout with Noni rice is so good i am heading back for it.

So lets start with some of the best-sellers and personal favorites of mine.

(Left to Right)

- Hyaluronic Serum: A highly concentrated serum that contains long and short chain of hyaluronic molecules to deeply pentrate the skin for intense hydration while creating a layer of protection on the skin surface to seal up all the moisture within skincells

-Sun Drops SP50: A light textured sun serum with SPF50 protection, contains active complex of cassia extract, Vitamin E and Beta-Glucan to protect and regenerate damaged cell. TIP: you can use this alone or mixed it into your favourite moisturizer

-Calming Serum: Enriched with plant based blend of Cardiospermum, Echium and Sunflower to re-balance irritated complexions. Strengthening your skin's natural defenses, this gentle formula improves sensitivity over time and helps reduce redness and burning. It's ideal for those affected by overexposure to the sun, environmental pollution, air conditioning, jet lag and sleep loss.

I was given the set below to try out, other than the serum mentioned above there is the

- Deep Hydrating Mask, contains active ingredient Purslane that stimulate your skin's own anti-oxidant system and protects against free radicals. It also contains nourishing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Chamomile for an incredibly soothing and claming effect.

Also, after getting to know more about Dr Barbara Sturm and her amazing dedication to skincare research, i was invited to a facial session where she flew her very own facial therapist from Germany to Singapore. During the facial, i was treated to an amazing face massage using Rich Face Cream (highly recommended during winter season, infact its currently sold out on Net-A-Porter and will be restock soon)

(Free Shipping with USD$300 spent and free 28days returns)

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