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Cosme Decorte NEW Decorte AQ Range, Absolute Quality: The Power of Skin Healing

Hi! A while back, i got to preview the new skincare range from Kose Premium Cosme Decorte brand. The new range with a history of 27years creates Decorte AQ (AQ means Absolute Quality) with the understanding of 3 important Skincare beliefs: The Power of Skin Healing focuses on Skin Reponsiveness, Absolute Radiant Skin and Absolute Formula. Based on the concept of "holistic beauty", the range gives users a complete journey of scents and texture to unwind and enjoy benefits of the Science behind the skincare.

  • Skin Responsiveness

  • Absolute Radiant Skin

  • Absolute Formula

This latest update is now focused on skin healing and responsiveness using some of the most exquisite and rare ingredients such as White Birch Sap which can only be harvested 4 weeks a year as the snow begins to melt in the Summer in Japan, Cereus (a night-blooming cactus flower) that bloom only once in the summer and white mucuna extract which gives the skin ability to self rejuvenate. With such rare

Here is what is available in the new range.

Some of the really interested items that i discover from the range includes

- Emulsion: Like all other Kose skincare range, an emulsion is always used before a lotion as it act as a softener to soften the skin before the lotion tones and hydrate the skin. This also comes with 2 types of lotion where you can choose according to your skin type and the weather. The lotion ER is a slightly more hydrating one where it is great for dry skin

-Massage Cream: Kose is probably the only brand out there in the market where you can find a massage cream. I have personally emptied my Kose Infinity Massage cream twice and i was so looking forward to trying this AQ Decorte. Basically, after cleansing, you apply a dollar-size amount of cream on your face and gently massage in circular motion. This cream then melts on your face and gives a very relaxing, smoothing sensation. Leave it on for 3-5mins and wash off to reveal a super soft and supple skin

-Moisture Lift Mask: A peel-off mask that changes colour when you apply and instantly lift and tone up the skin. This is slightly similar to the Kose Whitening Peel off mask. The best thing about this mask is that the mask changes colour, indicating that the beauty ingredients have penetrated the skin and its time to remove it.

-Oil Infusion: Most people would stay away from "facial oils" use to our humid weather however, this has an non-oily texture that is free of the usual stickiness. Infact, it leaves users with a smooth and refresh feeling (almost felt like a serum to me!) Made with high concentration of white mucuna extract and the smoothing scent of the night-blooming cereus cactus flower, this is the perfect serum for a holistic skincare routine. Oil infusion did not really feel like an oil to me, it feels more like a serum and it absorbs really quickly into the skin

-Botanical Pure Oil: This is made of 100% plant derived oils with essential fatty acids (Organic Olive Fruit Oil, Jojoba, Safflower, Kukui Nut Oil). This is a good smoothing oil that is good for any dry skin users.

Available at all Kose Counters.

Price List:

AQ Cleansing Cream 116g $90

AQ Washing Cream 129g $75

AQ Emulsion 200ml $148

AQ Lotion 200ml $148

AQ Toning Lotion 200ml $135

AQ Oil Infusion 40ml $148

AQ Botanical Pure Oil 40ml $225

AQ Moisture Lift Mask 82g $178

AQ Cream 25g $298

AQ Massage Cream $148

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Cosme Decorte Singapore Instagram:

Side track a little, i have the below stuff from Cosme Decorte to tryout! Do follow my Instagram for updates on these!

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