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Lam Sam Yick brushes, premium yet very affordable brushes. The only one you need to have (Part 2 of

Continuing from the previous post... here is a recapped on my picks from Lam Sam Yick!

In this post, i will be reviewing the Angled Foundation Brush and the Angled Point Foundation Brush. Honestly, i was initially confused between these two. I was discussing this with my friend Yan Teng and we both thought the these two brushes are the same! It looks the same online too, with white handles, slanted bristles and duo shade brush fiber. So.. we ordered thinking these are the same but to our surprise they are actually 2 different brushes!

The Angled Foundation Brush is actually slightly bigger in size, i would say about 0.5cm bigger. While the Angled Point Brush (or they call it Angled Blending Brush) is slightly small.

1) 545 Ultra Cone Contour Brush -

2) 502 Large Powder Brush -

3) Aboriginal Brush Set (Black) -

4) Angled Foundation Brush -

5) Angled Point Foundation Brush -

6) BONUS! Acne Pore Cleansing Brush -

So lets start with the Angled Foundation Brush!

Angled Foundation Brush 斜角刷 made with ultra fine and soft synthetic fiber, this brush is specially made for base makeup such as blending of liquid, cream or powder foundation. The slanted tip angle also makes it easy to reach corners such as the side of the nose. What is so special about this brush is that it is usable for both wet and dry, even on powder foundation (refer to video below). Think of it like a BeautyBlender but in a brush form. I enjoy using this brush as a foundation brush very much as its a good small size, making application so much easier and the bristles are so soft, it picks up foundation really easily and does not leave much leftover foundation behind.

With every order of the Angled Foundation brush, it comes with a protective casing, so you can always pack it in your makeup pouch and use it to touch with a cushion foundation and does not stain your pretty little makeup pouch. I tried this foundation brush with my Marc Jacobs Gel Oil Free Foundation, this is the least bendable foundation as it does not contain any oil and only works on very smooth skin. So natuarally, i picked the most challenging foundation for this little "test".

As you can see the before (top) and after blending (bottom). I think it blends out so nicely without any lines, this is definitly a good brush to invest in.

Angled Blending Brush 斜角【修容】 Just by looking at the photos, i think anyone would be easily confused between this and the former. Haha Indeed, when i ordered the LSY X 高明德老師 Aboriginal Brush Set (review here), i mistook the brush that comes with the set as the Angled Foundation brush. Both brushes are suitable for foundation, just that this has a smaller brush head

BONUS! i have just received these Little Miss Pore Acne Brushes from Lam Sam Yick Taiwan! They come in 4 variants

-Mr Men vs Little Miss (Yellow)

-Little Miss Hug (Purple)

-Little Miss Naughty (Black)

-Little Miss Princess (White)

How to use:

Step 1: After cleansing face, dip the pore acne cleansing brush into some cleansing liquid

Step 2: Move in circular motions around areas where there is enlarged pores or areas that is prone to acne. Most people focus on the nose, corner of the nose and cheeks where whiteheads/blackheads tend to clog pores, continue using the brush in circular motions until it foam up

Step 3: Rinse with water and you are done!

Some of the very interesting features this is protruding center part of the brush which is great to be used on difficult to reach areas like the corners of the nose.

Here is a comparison between the Angled Foundation brush, Blending brush and the bye bye acne pore cleansing brushes. As you can see, there is not much difference for the Angled foundation and blending brush, just that the blending brush is slightly smaller and more suitable for use on blush/bronzer/highlight/contouring, which is what i personally use it for.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to drop me and email if you have any questions on Lam Sam Yick brushes!

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