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Lam Sam Yick brushes, premium yet very affordable brushes. The only one you need to have (Part 1 of

So recently, i get to try out the well known Lam Sam Yick brushes. I have heard a lot about the brand and whenever friends travel to Taiwan, most came back with a couple of purchases from the brand.

Let me share what i have picked out from the brand! (Item 1 to 3 will be in this post and 4,5 will be in the next post)

1) 545 Ultra Cone Contour Brush -

2) 502 Large Powder Brush -

3) Aboriginal Brush Set (Black) -

4) Angled Foundation Brush -

5) Angled Point Foundation Brush -


Ultra Cone Contour Brush LSY 545, which is a cone contour brush, best for highlight/contour/blush. Made with a blend of grey squirrel hair and soft baby goat hair. I have using it both as a contour brush and blush brush, both works really well to function and i love how the cone shape enables me to reach for places like the side of my nose. The squirrel hair makes it ultra soft and smooth to touch while the goat hair picks up just the right amount of product and blends it into the skin well. I highly recommend this brush as a well rounded contour brush as it not only works in shading but also blush and highlighting.

Hair Type: Grey Squirrel + Baby Goat

Use: Highlight, Blush, Contour

Here is a short video on the Ultra Cone Contour Brush 545.


The 502 Large Powder Brush have bristles arranged in a dome shaped and then tapered. Similarly it is made with a blend of grey squirrel hair, goat hair and high quality synthetic fiber.

Use this as a finishing touch for with loose powder all over the face. The 2nd picture shows how soft and wide the bristle becomes when pressed against the face.

Hair Type: Grey Squirrel + Baby Goat + Synthetic Fibre

Use: Powder (Whole Face)


Aboriginal Brush Set, in collaboration with Taiwan native artist, LSY X 高明德老師 Aboriginal Brush Set

contains a specially designed limited edition Blush brush, Retractable Lip brush and a beautiful magnetic pouch.

Comes in a total of 4 types of design. And each set comes in their own matching brush pouch.

Blush/Cheek Brush

Hair Type: Grey Squirrel + Baby Goat + Synthetic Fibre

Use: Blush

Flat Tip Lip Retractable Brush

Hair Type: Synthetic Fibre

Use: Portable Lip Brush

The Blush brush is a good dome and tapered shape, perfect the cheeks area. The bristles picks up just the right amount of powder, allow it to blend on to the skin perfectly, giving cheeks the natural looking flush. The accompanying lip brush has a flat tip and is retractable. I love flat tip lip brushes because it makes it very easy to apply around the lip corners and the portability of this brush makes me want to carry it wherever i go!

The best part about this set is that it comes with a matching carrying brush pouch with cute little finishing touches such as the round ornament attached to the brush and the square one attached to the zipper. This entire set is housed in a beautiful gift box, making it perfect for your beauty/makeup-addict friend. In addition, the pouch does hold quite a bit of brushes! It may look small but it can actually fit a couple of brushes and some makeup!

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