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Unmask your true confidence with Kose Seikkisei Mask!

Hi! Today i am sharing a series of Kose Mask with you! Since young, i have been using Kose Mask, the peel off black mask used to be under Sekisho range and i have emptied more than 8 tubs of it! I use it weekly and after each use, it does leave my skin feeling clean and bright. Throughout my late teens and early twenties, i rely a lot on Kose skincare and i firmly believe that it was Kose that got me my fair skin now. On top of the peel off mask, i actually do use the Skkisei Essence Sheet Mask which gives me plenty of hydration

Let me share with you the best-loved Kose Signature Mask today! (now my open secret to clean and fair skin)


Sekkisei Herbal Gel, 6-in-1 multi purpose hydration A multi-functioning hydrating gel and sleeping mask that improves skin radiance, calms inflammation and creates a natural youthful glow. This can be considered my "wonder gel" because it combines all Emulsion, Serum, Cream, Massage Pack and Mask or overnight mask into one tub. Great for ladies who dislike the hassle of applying 10 skincare steps. With this Sekkisei Herbal Gel, you just need to cleanse, tone and gel!

I love using this as overnight mask as it is non-sticky (unlike most sleeping mask out there), it also grants 8 hours of continuous hydration while you sleep. Oh yes, and i really love how considerate and meticulous Kose is, they actually included a spatula spoon and a holder! Gone with the days where i leave cream spatula lying around and eventually losing them! Thank you so much Kose!!!

  • Based on the original oriental herbal recipe of SEKKISEI, with newly added coix seed ferment filtrate.

  • Soothing floral scent to promote a good night’s rest.Lightweight yet deeply hydrating formula that absorbs readily into skin.

  • Stays comfortably on the skin even throughout the night.

  • Use after preparing your skin with Lotion as an all-in-one gel alternative to your Emulsion, Serum and Cream.

  • Gel spreads smoothly and lightly, it is then quickly absorbed into skin To use as cream/sleeping mask in the night: apply a visible layer and massage into skin To use before makeup: apply a thin layer and let it absorbed into skin

Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask, Kose Signature whitening mask

Oh Boy, i have so much to say about this mask. I have been using since i was like 20? probably lost count of the number of tubs that i emptied, atleast 10 tubs!! I go through each tub really quickly initially as i find it instantly brighten my skin after each use, so much so people started commenting i am really fair. I also got them for all the ladies in my family! And i highly believe this mask contribute to my now super fair skin.

This peel off mask is Kose Signature bestseller, made with Red Oolong Tea extract to tighten pores, Chinese Quince Extract for sebum control. Together with other traditional herbs, they work magic in removing clogged pores, comedones (white or black heads), and other impurities which cause dullness. After each use, you will see your skin is brighter, clearer and cleaner.

I used to use this twice a week to control my oily t-zone and reduce my acne scars, and i do feel that with continue use, my acne was much lesser. Now, i use it once every 1-2weeks or whenever i feel my face is getting too oily.

Sekkisei Essence Mask

I brought this essence mask once a couple of years back after trying out the Clear Whitening Mask (above) as i believe i needed something to richly hydrate my skin. This mask revitalise the skin and inhibits melanin production while preventing sunspots and freckles.

Made with the Kose Sekkisei Lotion (i believe after using a box), i think this is great to be used once a week or once every 2 weeks.


Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask 80g $35

Sekkisei Herbal Gel 80g $56

Sekkisei Essence Mask (6pcs a box) $90

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