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Bifesta Latest Makeup Remover Wipes with Skin-Beautifying Effects

Hi All!

I am sure when it comes to makeup remover wipes, Bifesta does pop up as a well known pioneer brand! I started using Bifesta ages ago with their Eye & Lip makeup remover which instantly removes all types of waterproof makeup such as stubborn mascara and eyeliner, eventually, i went on to try out their popular cleansing lotion (which comes in 5 types for 5 different types of skin types). Now they are launching the all new Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets, infused with natural botanical oil, offering skincare benefits for a more radiant and clear skin while removing the most stubborn waterproof makeup.

So let me share a little bit more about Bifesta Makeup Remover Wipes range!

Why makeup wipes?

Imagine after a long day out and all you want is to get a quick shower and get your beauty sleep but your favourite waterproof mascara/eyeliner and lipstick takes a lot of effort to remove and going to sleep with makeup on is a big NO. Or when you are going away on a vacation and find packing tons of skincare a hassle. Bifesta Cleansing sheets comes in travel friendly packs with 40 sheets for a long trip or 10 sheets for the short getaway. The packs also comes with a click-closure so that your wipes remain moist and usable even till the last sheet

Why Bifesta?

Bifesta has been in the market as the first to launch water-based micellar cleansers back in 2006 and boast the largest range of makeup removers to cater to each skin type, lifestyle and occasion. Bifesta is a well-known and trusted quality brand for you!

What is so special about Bifesta Cleansing Sheets?

The air-tight cap with click-closure keeps your wipes moist till the last sheet. I have tried other brands and half-way through using, the sheets went dry! So you need not worry about this with Bifesta. Also each sheet is ultra large measuring at 15cm x 20cm, all you need is 1 single sheet to remove all types of waterproof makeup.

Also, the all NEW oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets contains naturally derived Squalane from sugarcane to keep your skin moist and healthy as you cleanse, while protecting it from free radicals to reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

See how big each sheet is? Definitely enough to remove all your makeup!

The current range of Enrich, Moist and Brightup welcomes the new Oil-in Cleansing sheets. So get one for your skintype soon!

Here is the before (left) and after (right) from using the Bifesta cleansing sheets. I actually drew up the portrait using waterproof mascara and a lipstick!

Bifesta’s Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets are priced at S$14.50 (40 sheets) and S$3.90 (10 sheets) and are available at all major Watsons Personal Care Stores, Guardian, Sasa Singapore, NTUC FairPrice, major supermarkets, and selected departmental stores from May 2017. Do head to their Facebook page for updates on promotions!

Bifesta Website:

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