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Introducing NEW Kose Sekkisei and Kose Infinity Multi-Protective Sunscreen

NEW Kose Infinity Perfect Protection UV White

This new sun protection combines triple effects of whitening care, anti-ageing and rough skin prevention into one. It provides complete defense against UVB damage but also UVA rays (that can cause damage deep within skin and result to melanin production, age spots and freckles)

Smooth application with no burden on skin, creates skin that is plump, moist and resistant to dryness. Formulated with ingredients to smooth out fine lines, pores and other unevenness on skin.

  • Effective on rough and chapped skin

  • Can be used as a makeup base

  • Gentle floral woody scent

  • SPF 50+/PA++++

NEW Sekkisei White UV Emulsion

Emulsion with the added effects of sunscreen and makeup base. Whitening day emulsion that moisturizes while blocking UV.

  • Day-use whitening emulsion with gentle Oriental herbal extracts that not only protect but promote the translucency of bare skin from the inside

  • Formulated with active whitening ingredient tranexamic acid. Inhibits melanin production, prevents age spots and freckles.

  • Deals with changing skin environments—such as daytime stickiness and dryness from air conditioning—to maintain daytime moisture balance.

  • Feels lightweight yet provides SPF50+/PA++++ protection, the highest level in Japan. Doesn’t feel heavy on skin, with a texture that is comfortably light allowing skin to breath

  • Deals with changing skin environments—such as daytime stickiness and dryness from air conditioning—to maintain daytime moisture balance.

  • Can also be used as makeup base. After application, it naturally boosts skin’s brightness to enhance the translucency of bare skin.

  • Formulated with sebum-absorbing powder derived from the Orient. Prevents dullness due to sebum, and boosts makeup hold.

SEKKISEI’s trademark modern floral fragrance.

I personally think that both works great and is very lightweight to be used underneath makeup. Kose Infinity has a more watery texture but the difference is not much after it "melts" into my skin. It ultimately depends on what your skincare concerns are, if you prioritize anti-aging, then Kose Infinity would be for you. But if you want a fairer and clean complexion, Kose Sekkisei is great


Sekkisei Herbal Gel, 6-in-1 multi purpose hydration A multi-functioning hydrating gel and sleeping mask that improves skin radiance, calms inflammation and creates a natural youthful glow. This can be considered my "wonder gel" because it combines all Emulsion, Serum, Cream, Massage Pack and Mask or overnight mask into one tub. Great for ladies who dislike the hassle of applying 10 skincare steps. With this Sekkisei Herbal Gel, you just need to cleanse, tone and gel!

I love using this as overnight mask as it is non-sticky (unlike most sleeping mask out there), it also grants 8 hours of continuous hydration while you sleep. Oh yes, and i really love how considerate and meticulous Kose is, they actually included a spatula spoon and a holder! Gone with the days where i leave cream spatula lying around and eventually losing them! Thank you so much Kose!!!

  • Based on the original oriental herbal recipe of SEKKISEI, with newly added coix seed ferment filtrate.

  • Soothing floral scent to promote a good night’s rest.Lightweight yet deeply hydrating formula that absorbs readily into skin.

  • Stays comfortably on the skin even throughout the night.

  • Use after preparing your skin with Lotion as an all-in-one gel alternative to your Emulsion, Serum and Cream.

  • Gel spreads smoothly and lightly, it is then quickly absorbed into skin

To use as cream/sleeping mask in the night: apply a visible layer and massage into skin

To use before makeup: apply a thin layer and let it absorbed into skin

Kose is running a fantastic campaign #unmaskconfidence #unmaskyourtrue confidence at where you can get - a $10 voucher to purchase the Sekkisei Clear Whitening Mask at $25 (UP $35),

- Share what inspires your confidence and the top10 winning entries stand to win a total of $1500 worth of gifts.

expires 15 May 2017

Kose Sekkisei Herbal Gel $56 80g

Kose Sekkisei White Herbal Sunscreen $42 35g

Kose Infinity Perfect Protection UV White $54 30g

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