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Nature's Pick for Soothing Hydration with NEW Kiehl's Calendula & Aloe Masque, Refreshes

Hi Everyone!

I am sure any Kiehl's users would have heard of the famous duo of Calendula Toner and Calendula Cleanser. I am here today to share a super exciting news! A new member will join the Kiehl's Calendula family and that is non other than the Kiehl's Calendula & Aloe Masque!! And if you have not try out the Calendula Cleanser or Toner, this is the time to get the entire set to try out the wonders of Calendula!

Do check out the video below video for the Calendula family!

Each Calendula Mask is made with 150 handpicked Calendula petals and Aloe Vera juice. Also the Calendula flowers are handpicked for freshness in whole every August (summer time where sun is full), harvested without pesticides then air-dried in the sun without adding any extra chemical. And like any other Kiehl's products, it is made without parabens, artificial colourant.

Calendula Flowers: Calendula Extract and Petals are known to be effective for skin soothing properties. Calendula has been highly regarded as a medicinal herb in both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine for many centuries for its skin treatment properties. Kiehls Calendula Petals are slowly mixed in to infuse our formula, which gives it a golden color.

Aloe Vera: Widely used for centuries in traditional and herbal medicine for its skin soothing benefits. It also known to possess hydrating properties and helps increase the water content in skin. Kiehl's Aloe is sourced from the leaf of the Aloe Vera plant growing in the Dominican Republic.

Best part about this mask is that it only takes 5mins to leave skin feeling hydrated, smooth and refresh. Just 5mins!! Making it a quick and simple addition to any skincare regimen. I feel that this is fantastic for people with sensitive skin as it really does smooth out my red and flushed cheeks. Made with Chamomile and Lemon Essential Oils, it gives a soothing and fresh aroma, great after a stressful day at work or for a sleepless night.

Big thanks to the Kiehls Singapore Team for preparing the launch party! The venue was so beautifully decorated with Kiehls Calendula products!

How to use:

In addition to pairing it with the Calendula Cleanser and Toner, you can actually Multi-Mask it with the Kiehls Rare Earth Mask! Here is a short video!

Price: $62, 100ml (launching 28th April 2017)

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