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K-Palette Disney Edition Eyebrow Pencil and Liner

Hi! With Beauty and the Beast out and being a big hit in the cinemas, K-Palette has just released a Disney collection edition for their best selling eyebrow pencils and liners. There are 2 versions, namely the 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid and 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil

2 Way Eyebrow Liquid: 1 liquid ultra fine tip to fill in eyebrows naturally and 1 powder sponge tip to blend

3 Way Eyebrow Pencil: 1 smooth pencil to fill in eyebrows, 1 spoolie blending brush to smooth out lines and 1 powder sponge tip to blend naturally.

Each comes in 4shades and now they also come in limited edition Disney Princess designs!

Even the boxes come with the respective prints!

D001 (Lightest shade) Belle from Beauty and the Beast

D002 (Light Brown) Rapunzel

D003 (Ash Brown) Ariel from The Little Mermaid

D004 (Dark Chocolate Brown) Cinderella

I did swatches for both the 2way brow liquid and 3way brow pencil

This is the swatches for the 2 Way Eyebrow Liquid + Powder (Top: Liquid, Bottom: Powder)

This is the swatches for the 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil + Powder (Left: Powder, Right: Pencil)

Can you see how fine the liquid tip is? It gives ultra precision. While the 3 Way brow comes with a super long lasting pencil and spoolie brush to blend

I personally use D04 as i prefer darker brows but i think D03 looks great and very natural on me. If you happen to have lighter hair colour, do give D02 and D01 a try. I also very much prefer the 3Way Eyebrow pencil because i am so used to brow pencil.

Here is the link, start shopping now! or if you want to swatch, it is available at most Watsons, Guardian and other K-palette retail points.

Price: $23.90 (check watsons stores for any promo!) or $22.34 on BeautyCarousel Website

K-Palette SG Instagram: @kpalette_sg

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