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Recent Empties + Reviews

Hi Everyone!!

Its been SO LONG since i last did an empties post! I keep adding skincare items into my rotating my skincare so it takes forever to ever finish one. Hahaha! But let me get started on this post!

La Mer Facial Mist: I use this as a toner/facial mist, it is very well hydrating and the nozzle dispense very fine mist that set on my face well, making it great to use even with makeup on.

Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion: This is a rich and super hydrating lotion, i sometimes soak cotton pads with it and place them over my face to use it like a mask.

Guerlain Super Aqua Day Gel: Oh boy, this is so good, i was initially a little resistant in using this in the day because the gel-cream texture is still pretty thick. However, upon applying it, it melts into my skin easily and gets absorbed so well there is no trace of cream left. I actually use it daily in the morning before makeup and i find that it keeps my makeup stay on longer with my T-zone less oily. Constant use actually improve my hydration level after testing it on the measuring device.

Fancl Moisturizing Lotion II: Very hydration lotion, tap a few drops of this lotion and pat it all over the face, do the same for the Fancl Moisturizing Emulsion II before applying any serum or cream. I brought this duo with me when i was travelling to Iceland and i think it did help me keep my skin hydrated from the strong cold winds.

Fancl Sunguard SPF50+ PA++++: Okay this is slight a love/hate item. I love it because it so so watery and light weight and it spreads very well and evenly all over my skin. BUT it does leave a light white cast and it might be a little bit oily especially on oily skin. The white cast is quite bothering because it changes my skin shade even before i blend in my primer or foundation. I have done up a full review of some of the Fancl products here, so do take a look at it if you are interested to find out more on the brand

Next up the all famous Bio Derma Micellar Cleansing Water, this is a HUGE, at 500ml a bottle, it takes forever to use up one. I actually brought the one for sensitive skin so i can use this around the eyes without feeling stingy and i have slight sensitive skin on the cheek area. I also have the original BioDerma Cleansing Water and both works equally well to remove all traces of makeup. The sensitive version does not hinder any capabilities to remove makeup so i will definitely get another bottle of this!

Cleansing wash time! Here are my absolute 2 holygrail cleansers. I am quite particular about cleansers because the 1st step to the key for good skincare is proper cleansing. So this are 2 cleansers which i repurchased and repurchased each time #notsponsored okay! I am a firm believer of Kose because believe it or not, i was once very tanned. Back in my early 20s, i love love love tanning and without using any sunscreen, i went tanning (horrid!!) It left me with pretty dark and with sunspots, so i started using Kose as it was recommended by a friend and indeed, Kose made my skin brighter and clearer with prolong use.

The left one is Kose Powder Wash and the right is the Kose Liquid Wash, I alternate them every while but i personally prefer to use the liquid one especially on days when i am crave for convenience.

Lastly, this is Estetica, home grown facial brand Est.Lab skincare. Together with A*institute, they collaborate to come up with some really wonderful skincare. These skincare are packed in vacuumed bottles so nothing is gone to waste and it also makes skincare more effective and improve freshness of the product. I enjoy using the Vitalift A+ Essence, it is very fluid yet one application actually leaves my skin very well supple and hydrated. Also, the Optimalift A+ Eye Essence and Eye Cream targets wrinkles and helps prevents them. I recently did a skin analysis and on a scale of 0-18 ( with 18 being the maximum wrinkles i should have for my age), I got ZERO!!! I was so so so happy so i guess this combination of eye cream and eye essence does work very well on me!

You can read more about Est.Lab here!

So, here is the end of my Empties for now! i am religiously using my skincare and will post more as often as i can. :)

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