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Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte and Petal Skin Foundation "Your Skin, But Better!"


Each lipstick shade is extremely high saturated in colour. I have the OR550, RD144, CR344 and PK354 for swatches today!


Also, together with the worldwide #girlsnightout party, Shu Uemura revamped their iconic lasting soft gel pencil, upgrading it with new innovation, featuring a thinner 1.5mm (compare to 2.0mm previously) tip to create perfectly precise lines. It is available in 4 new blacks: intense black, purple black, navy black, green black and 1 shade of brown. Each of the 4 asian flattering new blacks that are timeless, classical yet edgy - allowing women to express their natural, mysterious, cool or confident look freely.the new lasting soft gel pencil glides smoothly onto the skin. Ofcourse, it is waterproof, smudge proof and super long lasting.

I did brought the previous versions (both calligraph:ink liquid and soft gel pencil) which i adore very very much and is considered my all time holy grail for quick eyeliner fix. So, imagine my happiness when i got the upgraded gel pencil with this ultra thin tip. No matter if you are new or an expert in drawing eyeliner, this Iconic Lasting Soft Gel Pencil is going to change your life.


Also, the highlight of this launch would be the new Petal Skin Foundation. Available in 11 shades, it promises poreless coverage that does not feel heavy on the skin, and a softly radiant semi-matte finish like the surface of a flower petal. The formula contains ingredients extracted from rare flowers such as White Lily and White Jasmine, and oils of vegetable origin like Olive Squalene to moisturize the skin.

In addition to the new Shu Uemura Petal Skin Fluid Foundation SPF 20 there will be a new foundation brush named Petal 55 Foundation Brush. The new brush is designed to fit various facial parts and glide across the skin without leaving any unevenness. With high density of the soft bristles and special ergonomic shade designed to work with different contours of face, it gives a streak-free finish and creates seamless pore coverage. Just head to any Shu Uemura counters to try on the brush and you will be convinced how good it is. I personally brought a few Shu Uemura brushes and they are the BEST and MOST LONG LASTING brushes ever, it might be a little pricey but it is an worthy investment because they literally last a lifetime.

”beautiful skin should be fresh and smooth, like a soft blossom moist with morning dew.” – Mr Shu Uemura

I was being match by Shu Uemura makeup artist to light beige 774, and as you see, it blends out really smoothly with medium to high coverage. I pair it with my favourite primer, the Shu Uemura Block Booster which is a hydrating primer + sunblock all in one. For primer, i usually pick one that has hydration properties (its a bonus that it comes with spf!) rather than those "silicon" ones that promises smooth pore-less finish.

Light beige 774 is not only perfect for me but it also provides me great coverage and i can skip concealer totally by building a few more layers on areas where needed.


Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte 24 shades, $38

Lasting Soft Gel Pencil 5 shades, $37

Petal Skin Fluid Foundation 11 shades, $68 (1st Apr 2017)

Petal 55 Foundation Brush $80

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