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Review of HiQueen FaceLift Treatment with Kowayo Aesthetics

Hi Everyone! Beauty quick-fix seems to be in trend these days and i was very honored that Kowayo Aesthetics invited me to try out the HiQueen FaceLift Treatment / High Intensive Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

So what is HIFU?

HIFU or HiQueen is the ultimate non-surgical facelift from Korea. It It provides non-invasive natural lifting effect that is an ideal therapy to improve skin tightening and delay aging process. By using intensive ultrasound technology, it targets, triggers and tighten at the SuperficialMuscular Aponeurotic System (SMAS) layer, it is recommended for SaggyJowls, Saggy Cheeks and Loose Necks.

The regeneration of collagen on targeted skin can improve skin tone, decrease pore size and improve fine wrinkles/lines. These effects will be slowly be visible over the weeks after treatment.

-Non Invasive (forget facelifts as they are insanely painful and have long downtime)

-Zero Downtime (No Bruising, No Bleeding, Nothing!)

-Great for "Lunch Time Therapy"

-Tightens skin from within

-Visible Effects with 1 treatment

-Suitable for Sensitive Skin

-Short Treatment Process (less than 60mins)

-Able to Integrate HIFU with other treatments to prolong effect

My Experience with HIFU at Kowayo Aesthetics

So, enough of the benefits about HIFU, let me share with you guys my experience.

the HIFU treatment felt like tiny heated zaps over the face, pain level would be 2-3/10, it is not exactly painless (anybody who say Aesthetic treatment is painless is a lie! haha) but it was easily bearable and pain was limited only to certain areas of the face. If you are someone with very low threashold of pain, do let the doctor know and he can reduce the intensity. Dr Wong went over each section of my face with the probe a few times and did 2 cycles.

You will feel slight discomfort and warm from the probe. After the treatment, i did experience this slight numb pain on my jaw line which wear of over within 2 weeks.

Result will take up to 3 months for the final results, you will see gradual improvement of your skin and jaw line. I love this because instant result tend to be more drastic and people start asking if you did "so and so".

The doctor does "zap" each side of my face a few times and he did 2 rounds with the second round being the booster for better results.


Generally, i am extremely satisfied with the result, the slight pain did bother me initially but after the reassurance from doctor that it is normal, i stop feeling it subconsciously and before i knew it, it went away. Also, i get compliments from my friends asking if slimmed down (when i did not) because my chin and jawline looks more defined and sharper.


HiQueen FaceLift (Face & Neck) $1,800 for 2 HiQueen treatment (till end of May 2017) Suitable for: FaceLifting, Collagen Formation and Skin Tightening Initial Interval: 4-6 Weeks Maintenance Interval: 3-4 Months

Here are some of the Kowayo Aesthetic interior photos, do check out their lounge which is so beautifully decorated and cozy, there is plenty of drinks selection for everybody.


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Kowayo Aesthetic 1 Raffles link 01-03C Singapore 039393 Email: Phone: +65 6884 4297 Instagram: @kowayo_aessthetic Facebook:

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