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Cosme Decorte AQ Targeted Moisture Care for Incredibly Soft and Dewy Skin

Today i am sharing a recent skincare discovery from Cosme Decorte Absolute Quality (AQ) line. Vita De Reve, is named after the French word "like a dream" and "with vitality", suggesting skin to be reborn with flawless and healthy skin.

This is a herbal lotion great for troubled skin as its main ingredients the Lamiaceae Plant contains smoothing properties. Made up with Sage Extract (high in antioxidant, remove and prevents accumulation of impurities such as dirt, oil and dust), Perilla Leaf Extract (anti-inflammation), Wild Thyme (regulate skin) & Rose Mary Water (moisturize and promotes blood circulation). I absolutely love the herbal scent that is refreshing yet not over powering.

This lotion is great for skin that is easily affected with the changes in the season or climate, as it is a unique lotion that helps to create reborn skin that is even more resilient and healthy. The dewy yet refreshing texture when applied makes it suitable to prep skin before makeup and the herbal spice fragrance with a scent of sage refreshes not only the skin but also the senses. Also, like any other Kose lotion you can use this lotion as a facial pack/mask with those lotion mask tablet.


For Perfect Milky Soft Skin, the Prime Latte is a skin-softening milk made with a blend of fruit and botanical oils, and herbal fragrance, this milk emulsion soothes the mind and body as it transforms the skin, giving it an alluring softness - for skin. Supporting barrier function, the skin becomes moist and resistant to dryness, resulting in smoother skin texture and boosted translucency. From less-visible pores to improved makeup hold, beautiful surprises keep coming

Cosme Decorte Vita de Rêve $65 (150ml) Cosme Decorte Prime Latte $65 (150ml)

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