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Vecua Honey, finest Hokkaido Acacia Honey and Fermented Royal Jelly

Hi Everyone! hope the Xmas session is giving some joy in the air for everyone.

Let me start with the Nature Honey Hot Cleansing Gel, it gently warms up when applied on skin to open up pores and cleanse way makeup, dirt and other impurities. Made with goodness from Hokkaido Acacia honey and Royal jelly, the gel helps to promote circulated for a radiant complexion while the botanical glycerin leaves skin supple, hydrated and clear. This removes light makeup and i use it like a cleansing milk before a cleanser, together with massaging circular motions, i feel like i am having a mini-spa session.

Next up is the Honey Dew Mousse Moisture. This is a mousse concentrate deep treatment or like a essence but in a mousse form making it really fun to use! With Hokkaido Acacia Honey and milk-derived ceramics, this is great for people with dry skin or when travelling to dry places. Use this like a essence after toner as it gives a smooth velvety texture when the mousse gets absorbed. I can imagine this would be excellent for winter!

Lastly (keeping the best for the last) would be the Honey Dew Rich & Full Moisture Jerry. If you happen to pass by holland village Beauty Kitchen Face Bistro, I highly recommend you to try this! It is the first time i am seeing such an interesting product! This essence gel cream has a jelly-like dense texture which stores rich moisture and Hokkaido Acacia Honey delivering the concentrated ingredients into the bare skin. Use it like moisturizer or apply a good layer and use it as a sleeping mask.

My top most favorite would be the Honey Dew Jerry because i absolutely love the gentle flower + honey scent and how the jelly melts into my skin. =)

On top of all it, Vecua Honey has also recently released their Christmas Bundle Sets. With adorable honey-sweet gifts starting from $9.90, they make good gifts for family, colleagues and friends!

Start shopping now!

Nature Honey Hot Cleansing Gel 150g $36

Honey Dew Mousse Moisture 80g $39

Honey Dew Rich & Full Moisture Jerry 140g $38

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