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Top Makeup Palette for Travelling

Hi Everyone, I am still in holiday mood and having this insatiable wanderlust going on. Post holiday 4 weeks and i am having withdrawal symptoms!

The least enjoyable part about holidaying is returning back home and unpacking. With tons of old and new stuff, its frustrating to unpack and I sometimes find the myself bring way too many makeup and skincare for a trip and end up using less than 50% of it. Over packing is such a common issue for makeup/beauty addicts, imagine the horror when you find that your one and only eyebrow pencil is broken or lost halfway in the trip??

So in this post, i am sharing with you my Top Makeup Palette for Travelling. Here are what i look at in a palette

-Versatility : A day and night eye shadow palette with a good mix of matte/shimmer

-Portability : It should be held in a sturdy case that does not break easily

-Multi Usage : Would be great if the shades can be use as a liner or on the brows or contouring and highlighting. (a backup if the eyebrow pencil breaks or worst goes missing)

-User Friendly : Who would use a 24 shade eyeshadow palette with greens, purple, blue, and pink on a holiday??

-Quality : Ofcourse the quality of the should not be compromise! Only soft, silky and smooth power please!


SHU UEMURA Holiday Palette ( Takashi Murakami & Yazbukey)

Every holiday Shu Uemura would launch collaborations with different artist (from Karl Lagerfeld X Shupette to Maison Kitsune) and it is always one of the biggest highlight for makeup addicts and Shu-lovers. These limited editions for such beautiful collectibles. I will be doing a post on Shu X Murakami collection!

The best part about Shu Uemura holiday collections are that the palette is actually refillable with your own fav shades of blush or pressed eyeshadow refill (with over 90 shades to choose from). Althernatively, the brand new custom palette lets you create your own palette with limitless possibilities and enjoy the freedom of mixing and matching colors. More swatches on the Shu Uemura X Murakami collection here.


NARS Voulez-Vous Palette & Nars Dual X Sarah Moon Dual Intensity Palette

This is my essential travel palette because it comes with 2 blush and 4 eyeshadows for a day and night look (which i can double as eyeliner and eyebrow) With popular blush shades like Deep-throat and Dolce Vita, its one of the best Nars palette in my opinion. However this was launched back in 2014 and if you are looking to explore 2016 collection, checkout Nars X Sarahmoon. I was over the moon when i saw it at the preview of Nars Holiday collection. Sadly, it is available exclusively to Sephora US. Nevertheless, i manage to get the blush palette and it is amazing!!

I have share more on the Nars X Sarah Moon collection here.


TARTE Tartelette 2 in Bloom

This needs no further introduction. The best seller of Tarte achieve worldwide popularity with 12 breathtaking shades of 9 mattes and 3 lusters house in rosegold packaging and shades of purple cover. This is a great palette that contains all wearable shades. It does lack the typical blush/contour shades but the versatility covers full eye makeup.



Guerlain 2012 Holiday palette contains 4 eyeshadow shades and 2 beautiful red lipstick (1 cool and 1 warm). The palette is great to create a day to night look by adding the darkest shade on the outer eyelid and the warmer lipstick shade. All 4 shades of the eyeshadow are really beautiful. In fact, Guerlain is one of the few brands that puts in a lot of detail into their holiday collection and i never fail to purchase 1 or few times from each of their holiday collection, very looking forward to see what is up this holiday from Guerlain!

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