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Phytologist 15: Best Anti-Hairloss Treatment I Have Ever Tried

Hello Everyone! I was holidaying in Spain in March this year and saw the Phytologist 15 (I am a loyal fan of Phyto and one look at the counter i knew this is a new launch!) at their local pharmacy and was really tempted get a few boxes but the lack of luggage space puts the idea on hold and had to cross fingers and hope they would bring it in real soon. I usually frequent Beauty by Nature and stock up on my Phytolium 4, Phytocyane, Phytodensium & Phytopolleine, basically all scalp care products as i have weaker hair roots and my hair starts to drop once it reaches a certain hair length. And yes i purchase all my phyto products myself as it really does give amazing results and most importantly, my hairfall does not come back when i stop using as frequent.

The new Phytologist 15 is an absolute anti-hairloss treatment for both women and men, made with 99% natural and botanical extract that simultaneously works on 15 actions targeting hair loss and hair growth. It aims to slow down hair loss and enable more beautiful, fuller and thicker hair growth. Sounds really good and appealing right? Do you know we lose between 50 and 100 strands per day, even up to 150 in some cases. However, if you start to see more and more hair in the shower drain, its time to start some scalp care products. Just like how we are obsess with using the best skincare for our face, we should only use the best and spend the equally amount of time and money on our scalp.

The 4 main concentrated active ingredients

The 4 main active ingredient with each serving a unique purpose to protect our scalp while promoting effective hair growth.

Each small vial of the Phytologist 15 contains 3.5ml and 1 box contains 12 vials. It is recommended to use 3 vial per week for 3 months as an intensive scalp care treatment and achieve good results. Subsequently, 1 vial a week for maintenance. Clinical studies shows that users after 3 months of continuous use, 81% of the users were satisfied with the product and 97% was to continue the use. ( I have been using Phytocyane and Phytolium 4 for 2 years!) Users also note that there is significant increase in the number of hairs per cm3 with 15% or +5942 new hair strands and a +3% increase in hair growth rate. Such promising results makes it very tempting, i am currently on my 3rd week and i cannot wait to complete the 3months treatment. I would recommend users to use this with Phytopolleine. Phytopolleine is a 100% botanical treatment that exfoliates, purifies, and deep cleanse the scalp so that anti-hairloss treatment can be absorbed better with new hair growing from hair follicles.

For people who are new to Phyto, you might be wondering with so much anti-hairloss treatment from Phyto how should i pick the one that is best for yourself? Use the following guide as your help

Step 1: Pre-Shampoo / Regulate: Use Phytopolleine botanical scalp stimulant a 100% botanical pre-shampoo serum to stimulate and restore balance to all scalp condition. Contains 72% essential oil to stimulate scalp and boost treatment that follows. I use this phytopolleine once every 2 weeks.

Step 2: Shampoo: Use a scalp care shampoo 2-3 times a week. Get a shampoo that targets your scalp concern, eg, Phyocane / Phytolium Shampoo for Hairloss, Phytheol for dandruff issue, Phytocedrat for oily scalp and so on... (refer to this website for shampoo for different scalp concern. Use a normal shampoo without silicon & parabens. I have yet to use any Phyto shampoo so i cannot comment which one is good.

Step 3: Treat: Phytocyane for reactional hair loss in women (stress, fatigue, diet, post-pregnancy) , Phytolium 4 for chronic hair loss (severe / hereditary) and Phytologist 15 for absolute anti-hairloss treatment in both women and men. I have tried all 3 and i prefer the Phytolium 4 and Phytologist 15 as results of both hair growth and reduce in hair loss is faster. Here is a little table to compare the 3 types of anti-hairloss treatment.

Here are the current few phyto products that i am using and all works really good! During my recent hair analysis with Hair Botanical Spa, the therapist said my scalp condition is so much better and healthier as compared to my previous session with them 1 year+ ago. I am just very pleased that continuous use of Phyto products improve my scalp condition and all that effort and money spent is not wasted. :)

Phytologist 15: $299.90

Phytolium 4: $219.90 for 2 boxes of 12

Phytocyane: $149.90 for 2 boxes of 12.

(There is usually more promotion, check Beauty by Nature Facebook page for promo updates)

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