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Get Eyes to Kill with Giorgio Armani Sik Eyeshadows

Hi Everyone, today i am sharing my favorite eye shadows from Giorgio Armani. I am sure many of you have heard hollywood celebrities raving about GA (both the lasting silk and luminous silk) foundation with the Kardashians being their loyal fan, i am more incline towards the Eyes to Kill (ETK) silk eyeshadows. Currently, my stash contains 5 pots and i am always looking forward to have more. However, these eyeshadows are not very travel friendly.

The ETK Silk Eye shadows are 24 hour-long wear waterproof eye shadow formula with the silky and long-lasting texture of a powder, and the comfort and smoothness of a cream. What it does: Bring a high-volt look to eyes. This innovative eye shadow delivers smooth, lasting colors to lids with a hybrid formula made up of a blend of 40 percent translucent, non-greasy oils fused with 60 percent high-intensity pearls to achieve intense color payoff. Each shadow is also formulated with Color-Fil™, a high resistance bi-polymer, to aid with adherence to the eyelid for 24-hour, crease-, flake-, and sweat-proof wear while allowing for easy removal. (from website)

Let me share the swatches first!

Top to Bottom (Left to Right): #3, #5, #9, #14 and #15

#3 Purpura is a royal purple with flakes of gold, when applied wet (bottom), the colour shows up more intensely and richer.

#5 Gold Blitz, glamorous bronze-gold mix and i love wearing this with a define black eyeliner.

#9 Rock Sand, i remember it looks extremely different from the website but i am happy with this pot of metallic baby pink + silver shade. This is perfect to highlight the inner corners of eyes for the doll-eyed look. i pair this with #15 and its stunning.

#14 The One That Got Away, this is currently not available on the GA beauty website or US Sephora, i remember it was either an Asia exclusive or limited edition colour. Contains tiny bits of black with khaki gold, very wearable for all occasions.

#15 Copper/Black Grey I was expecting #15 and #14 to be similar as they look quite alike in the pot and on the website. But it turns out really different! #15 has got so much more bronze in it and if you like it to have more black just use a brush and go over the "black bits" in the pot.

In Summary, it is pretty hard to purchase the silk eyeshadows online just by looking at the pictures, i was searching all the swatches online and non of them looks exactly the same. It turns out, each and every ETK silk eyeshadow pots are unique (especially those with bits other shades like #15 and #3. Each eyeshadow cost USD$35 but IMO, it is defienately worth the money.

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