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June Empties

Hi everyone! its time for my monthly empties again. This month, i am proud to share that i have finish using up 2 of my cleansers! So sorry this post came out late, i was planning to post it up early July but got so busy with preparing more post coming up this month. This month, i have added which items i would repurchase (as suggested by some of my readers) and hope it would benefit you guys if you are looking for opinions! But please bare in mind these are my own opinion/reviews, it might not work on me but it could be your holy-grail! (different people have different skin types and react differently to each skincare product)

1. Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Cleanser - This gelee cleanser contains tiny beads which deep cleanse and remove all traces of makeup. A tiny bit goes a long way! i had to force myself to use more of this to make it in time for this 'June Empties' post! There is this white musk + ocean scent to it and its pretty nice. I use this only once daily as i wasnt sure if it would be too hash to use it all the time.

2. Estee Lauder Take It Away Cleansing Oil - Effective cleansing oil, does not stings the eye and removes all traces of makeup even waterproof liner, mascara and lipstick

3. JuJu Cosmetics 100% Organic Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel - Made with 100% organic aloe (not sure how true but it's what is stated on the packaging =P) which i use every single morning to gently cleanse the morning skin. It foams up very lightly, non-scented and is great for daily use.

4. Creme Simon Sunscreen - One of the most light weight sunscreen i have ever used! Lightly floral scent while Creme Simon brightening detox range promises users with fairer and brighter skin! Having tried almost their entire range, i really do see the results. This is one of my must-have from Creme Simon.

5. Dr Gowoonsesang Cream Full of Water - A cream-gel moisturizer. I usually apply a thin layer in the day or a thick layer as a sleeping mask when i am too lazy to follow the usual skincare routine. This cream has a nice ocean-scent. You can get this brand of skincare from SaSa Singapore and apparently, its quite popular in Korea!

6. Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Hydration Gel - THIS IS MY HOLYGRAIL! beautiful scented, amazing texture and a lightweight gel that absorbs so well into my skin! i could use this day and night without fail and when i can't bare to finish this because the idea of not having this around makes me really sad.. definitely repurchase this when I am in need of a good moisturizer!

7. Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate - This is an advanced formula and my 5th bottle of Genifique! With previously using up 2X 100ml and 2X50ml of the Genifique. I use always this as a pre-serum to prep my skin and the light weight texture makes it easy to layer up my serum without feeling sticky. I use this both in the day and night thus getting the 100ml mega size bottle makes more economical sense.

8. Crabtee & Evelyn - Evelyn Rose Shower Gel - Crabtree & Evelyn makes some really beautiful ranges, i went crazy buying 6 of their full size handcream and the whole range of this Evelyn Rose. Come to think of it, I adore their elegant scents like the Lemon & Verbena, Lavender and Gardeners. Each of the scents are relaxing, calming and not overwhelming, so it makes them perfect for gifting, be it to a friend, family or lover.

I pamper myself by indulging in a relaxing shower in the morning and before sleep so getting nice scented showergels is part of the ritual too. This is one that is a must for rose lovers.

9. Clarins Extra Firming Eyecream - I have brought the lifting eye serum and it works really well on me so when this new eyecream came out, i brought one to try and sadly it does not work as well.

10. Kenzo Moisturizing Skin Guardian - I simply love the name of this! Makes me feel like my skin is well protected! =) Kenzo skincare comes pretty strong scented and not everyone might like it. It does not really affect me much as i usually only use this at night as a sleeping mask or night moisturizer

In summary here is what i will repurchase:

  • Creme Simon Sunscreen

  • Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone

  • Crabtree & Evelyn Eveylyn Rose Shower Gel

  • Juju Cosmetics organic aloe wash

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