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Nightly Solution to more radiant skin with Kiehl's Micro-Peel Concentrate

Introducing Kiehl's biggest product for 2016, the Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate made formulated from sustainably sourced Quinoa Husk Extract from Bolivia (always wanted to visit Bolivia's Salar De Uyuni!). This micro peel is so gentle, its suitable for nightly use and even sensitive skin users!

Whats Kiehl's Micro Peel?

Its a nighly micro-peel concentrate solution that is clinically proven to help accelerate surface skin cell turnover to reveal more radiant skin while evening out skin tone. Consistent usage reduce fine lines/wrinkles and other signs of aging

So WHY Kiehl's Micro Peel?

I am sure we have all heard of chemical peels, i myself have tried chemical peels and i have to admit that it does help to clear up acne scars, brighten and control blemishes but it also makes my skin so so so sensitive and dry. I was an oily-combi skin type but after monthly chemical peels of about 6months, i became a sensitive-dry skin type. It is not only very harsh on the skin but also relatively pricey. Kiehls Micro-Peel Concentrate formulated with Quinoa Husk Extract, Cactus Extract and Phytic Acid to gently micro-peel the skin overnight. It offers accelerated cell turnover, refined texture, improved skintone and softer, more radiant skin. In addition, this micro-peel does not cause any irritations, redness or downtime like chemical peels.

My experience with Kiehl's Micro Peel

Its very fluid and so easily absorbed so i use this as my 1st step of skincare after cleansing. Consistent of this does make my skin feel softer and my makeup goes on easier with a smoother finish. Well, i am already very fair so it was hard for me to notice if i does brighten my skin but i really do enjoy using this and would highly recommend this to ladies who wants softer skin/ to reduce acne scars/ reduce pore appearence.

How to use?

Use it nightly post cleanser, tone, followed by Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution which helps to reduce dark spots.

Regardless of what type of peel, it is a must to use sunscreen as almost all peels contains AHA that increase skin's sensitivity to sun.

Lastly Kiehl's uses sustainable sources of Quinoa from Bolivia local farmers, aiming to improve their socio-economic factors.

Kiehls Singapore is now letting customers "Try before you buy", simply head down to any stores (my favorite would be Ion Orchard) and let the skin experts know of your interest in trying out any of their skincare!

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