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April & May 2016 Empties

Hi Everybody! I am doing my first month-end empties entry! Well it is really hard for me to empty any product because I am constantly trying out new things and I tend to rotate my skincare as often as I can. Also, I do have a separate set of skincare for day & night so it is an accomplishment for me to empty any skincare!

1. Kenzoki Gentle Cleansing Lotus Foam - Being a foam wash, it is housed in a metal tin with clean light floral scent. I use it on days where I have light makeup on and a cleansing oil before the foam wash. The foam dispenses is rich and foamy, very similar to the Ettusais mousse cleanser which i love.

2. Shu Uemura Deep Sea Facial Mist in Lavender - a personal favourite of mine. I brought 5 bottles (Rosemary, Rose, Bergamot, Lavender & non-scented) of this, of which 4 is used up! I have one in my office, car, bedroom and bag. Made with deep sea water from Japan, it is said to provide better hydration, the nozzle is one of the best out of the 20+ facial mist I own, yes i am a facemist-addict. It dispense just the right amount of mist and spreads well over my whole face. Light, gentle and hydrating.

3. Creme Simon Brightening Detox Hydrating Mist & Brightening Detox Micellar Water Makeup Remover - Constant use of the Creme Simon range does brighten my overall complexion and makes my skin looks clearer and cleaner. However, both the mist and micellar water does stings my eye a little if i use too much so i am pretty careful while using them. I have pretty much tried the whole creme simon range and i would highly recommend the serum, night moisturizer and sunscreen. These 3 gives the best texture out of all and is nicely absorbed by my skin. =)

4. Jurlique Lavender Hydrating Mist - Soothing hydrating mist with a perfect scent to relax and unwind in the night time before sleep. The scent is so beautiful i got myself the rose one too!

5. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum - I read so much about this from magazines and how it works well to hydrate and rejuvenate skin overnight so I brought two sets of this (serum + eye serum & eye serum + eye cream) from local duty free store, used it in-flight and the results amaze me. My skin usually gets really dry and cracks during long haul flights but I tried this and landed at my destination with good bouncy skin! ^_^ So the Estee Lauder ANR range has been my holygrail for quite some time and a must-bring for every long haul flights. The serum has a gel-watery texture but is easily absorb with a light herbal scent. This is the 50ml version and i so glad i have 2 more bottles of the 30ml as backup!

6. Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Serum and Eye Complex - Similar to the serum, I love the ANR range to bits. The eye serum is light and watery while the eye complex is similar to a richer gel texture. Use both for the best result! Im glad I have some backups on the ANR range because I foresee myself heading back to them soon!

7. Biotherm UV Supreme Silky Fluid Sunscreen - Extremely light weight sunscreen that I was usually daily. It fits my 3 criteria for a good sunscreen - Light weight, High SPF and does not leave a white cast on my face.

8. Biotherm Luquid White Spot Focus Dark Spot Corrector - This serum is almost light was water and I use it as the first serum in my skincare step before layering on other serums/cream. Suitable for sensitive skin and formulated for Asian market where ladies wants to achieve the clean and bright complexion.

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