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MTG ReFa Body : The Slimming and Beauty Device All-in-one

A few years ago before ReFa Carat series was available in Singapore, i have heard a lot of postive reviews and its popularity in Japan (more than 5millions units sold!) . So out of curiosity, i was planning to buy one but the overall shipping + taxes + handling fee from a 3rd party was close to an additional of $200 on top of the device. It adds up to close to $500 which i find too expensive to pay for. So i waited and waited and waited. In 2015, MTG came to Singapore and launch their collection of the ReFa series at Takashimaya Fragrance counter, i was excited to finally be able to try on the legendary ReFa Carat and was sold immediately upon try. There was a #takemymoney moment and ofcourse i brought a ReFa Carat! Priced around $100+ more than Japan but with Takashimaya rebates and storewide 10%, it was enough to enable the purchase.

The good news is, in the beginning of this year, MTG Singapore adjusted the retail price of all their ReFa Series and made it on-par with Japan prices. Unbelievable but true. I am such a huge fan of this that i highly recommend it to my friends and family.

Recently, i got to try out the ReFa Body which has 4 rollers instead of the 2 from ReFa Carat. The device has a solar panel that generates Micro-currents with the following benefits

  • Reduce appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and scars

  • Tone, tighten and rejuvenate loose skin (trims down the waist lines especially in post pregnancy)

  • Reduce fat in flabby arms

  • Body-Lifting effect to improve the appearance of skin

  • Restore the skin natural current

here are some of the recommended areas

So i did a little comparison between ReFa Carat and ReFa Body. There is also the ReFa S which in my opinion would be best for small facial areas such as the eyes, jaw line, laugh line and cheeks.


ReFa S Carat:$220

ReFa Carat: $299

ReFaBody: $399 (NOW: $299)

Available at

1) (free shipping & S$100 of ReFa Body with Promocode: ReFa100Body)

2) Takahimaya L1 Cosmetics and Perfumes

3) Sephora Ion Orchard

4) Branche @ Capitol Piazza

5) Aibi Singapore stores

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