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Less is More, No Preservatives with Fancl

Hi everyone! I am sure by now most beauty-addicts would know that Fancl is back in Singapore! this time with a better promotions and prices. I cant wait to share more about the brand.

So Fancl's slogan "Less is More" is by its pledge to provide high-quality and fresh product with the following feature

1. Small packaging to ensure that best usage period and shorterns consumption time, keeping the ingredients fresh and effective. Each Fancl item is meant to finish it in less than 60days once opened. As there is no preservatives in their skincare, the ingredients are good while fresh.

2. Products come in sealed containers to prevent any contamination. Even the paper boxes are sealed to make sure that the products are brand new

3. Production dates are clearly indicated to ensure freshness

On to Fancl pricing, I was told by the marketing manager that their prices are on par with Hong Kong and some of the items are even cheaper than Hong Kong. Shocking! I guess this time Fancl is here to stay with all the effort they are putting into our consumers. There is also this "iFancl" App (on both AppStore and GooglePlay) where Singapore customers can download it and use it as a loyalty programme (no more thick stacks of loyalty cards!!!), learn new beauty tips and the latest promotions on Fancl.

So enough on the introduction, I am sure everyone is excited to see what are my Fancl picks! I was giving a bag of goodies consisting of their best-sellers.

Here is the moisturising lotion and emulsion II & the sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++.

The very popular Cleansing powder and cleansing oil with the foam maker ball (green) and the facial washing puff.

I used to get my Fancl skincare from Hong Kong and now with unbeatable prices and accessibility, i am glad the brand is back and staying here for good. I have notice how the Japanese pays so much attention in the packaging and thoughts for the users. For each Fancl skincare product, there is actually a sticker (either on the box or the information insert) for users to indicate the date when they start using / open up the product! I only got to know about this when the SA in Hong Kong told me about it. How thoughtful of them!

In each of the boxes, it indicates how long the product can maintain its freshness after breaking the seal. Most of the item last 60Days to 120Days (eg 60Days for the cleansing powder and 120Days for cleansing oil)

will do a more detailed review of the skincare in the coming weeks

Moving on is the highlight of Fancl! the Tense Up Beauty Drink.

i was initially quite skeptical about collagen drink but after trying 1 box of this i am sold. Even my dear friend @tebisha said how she can feel the change in her skin with just 1box (10bottles). So what is different about this collagen drink as compared to other that is on the market? The drink contains a patented tri-peptide collagen which makes molecules smaller and easier to be absorbed for faster noticeable results. Fancl Tense Up also contains Vitamin C, Apple Polyphenol, Rice Extract (contains Ceramide), Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Hyaluronic Acid. The best part of this collagen drink is that it is very tasty! reminds me of apple juice.

Fancl is currently located at

Istean Scotts

350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Singapore 238868

Phone :65 6871 1521

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