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Eyelash Extensions

$50 onwards for single strand extensions

Been to a couple of eyelash extensions salon and i always head back to @beautywish She is the most professional and uses top quality lashes/glue. In addition, i love her easy to use booking system where i get email and sms reminder. The pricing is also really reasonable! From $50 for single strand extensions

PHS Hairscience Scalp Detox

$38 for customized scalp and hair therapy

"Miracles can happen" with PHS Hairscience. I did a session of the scalp D(detox) S(stabilize) R(regrowth) where a blend of Korean herbs, Chinese Acupressure and Western technologies such as the high frequency comb and hydro water cleanse. The use of these 3 methods help to promote healthier scalp, hairgrowth and delay hair aging. Try out the trial session at a promo rate.  

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