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16 Mar 2018

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite some time now! Sorry for missing for this period of time as I just delivered a baby girl on the 2nd January 2018 and as a first time mom there was just so many things to learn! Took me a while to rest, recover before I start learning all the little tips on caring for the newborn.

So as the first blogpost after this short break, I am sharing today on Shu Uemura NEW Petal Skin Cushion Foundation. The cushion launch event was exactly the 1year Anniversary of the foundation. And to celebrate the cushion launch, Shu Uemura is also launching this limited edition petal 55 Sakura colour ergonomic brush! 



I’m using it with the pet...

28 Oct 2016

 This 2016 holiday Shu Uemura collaborates with Takashi Murakami for one of his most iconic motifs the "FLOWER" his "FLOWER" represents love, hope, peace and the pulse of poetry and magic in this world". It is also inspired by the vibrant pop culture  in Tokyo. Join me in discovering this collection to celebrate the magical winter wishes of Shu Uemura!

'The importance of the purity that my FLOWER represents is easily forgotten as many visitor of purity exist as stars in the infinite winter sky. During this holiday season, take a moment to look up at the sky to rediscover the "FLOWERS" around you.' 

Here is a closer look! 

 Stage Performer Block:Booster : block, boo...

24 Oct 2016

Hi Everyone, I am still in holiday mood and having this insatiable wanderlust going on. Post holiday 4 weeks and i am having withdrawal symptoms! 

The least enjoyable part about holidaying is returning back home and unpacking. With tons of old and new stuff, its frustrating to unpack and I sometimes find the myself bring way too many makeup and skincare for a trip and end up using less than 50% of it. Over packing is such a common issue for makeup/beauty addicts, imagine the horror when you find that your one and only eyebrow pencil is broken or lost halfway in the trip??

So in this post, i am sharing with you my Top Makeup Palette for Travelling. Here are what i look...

9 Jun 2016

Hi Everybody! I am doing my first month-end empties entry! Well it is really hard for me to empty any product because I am constantly trying out new things and I tend to rotate my skincare as often as I can. Also, I do have a separate set of skincare for day & night so it is an accomplishment for me to empty any skincare!

1. Kenzoki Gentle Cleansing LotusFoam - Being a foam wash, it is housed in a metal tin with clean light floral scent. I use it on days where I have light makeup on and a cleansing oil before the foam wash. The foam dispenses is rich and foamy, very similar to the Ettusais mousse cleanser which i love.

2. Shu Uemura Deep Sea Facial Mist in Lavender - a...

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