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13 Sep 2017

Hi! Today i am sharing a series of Kose Mask with you! Since young, i have been using Kose Mask, the peel off black mask used to be under Sekisho range and i have emptied more than 8 tubs of it! I use it weekly and after each use, it does leave my skin feeling clean and bright. Throughout my late teens and early twenties, i rely a lot on Kose skincare and i firmly believe that it was Kose that got me my fair skin now. On top of the peel off mask, i actually do use the Skkisei Essence Sheet Mask which gives me plenty of hydration

Let me share with you the best-loved Kose Signature Mask today! (now my open secret to clean and fair skin)

Sekkisei Herbal Gel, 6-in-1 multi...

28 Apr 2017

NEW Kose Infinity Perfect Protection UV White

This new sun protection combines triple effects of whitening care, anti-ageing and rough skin prevention into one. It provides complete defense against UVB damage but also UVA rays (that can cause damage deep within skin and result to melanin production, age spots and freckles)

Smooth application with no burden on skin, creates skin that is plump, moist and resistant to dryness. Formulated with ingredients to smooth out fine lines, pores and other unevenness on skin.

  • Effective on rough and chapped skin

  • Can be used as a makeup base

  • Gentle floral woody scent

  • SPF 50+/PA++++

NEW Sekkisei White UV Emulsion


21 Apr 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am sure any Kiehl's users would have heard of the famous duo of Calendula Toner and Calendula Cleanser. I am here today to share a super exciting news! A new member will join the Kiehl's Calendula family and that is non other than the Kiehl's Calendula & Aloe Masque!! And if you have not try out the Calendula Cleanser or Toner, this is the time to get the entire set to try out the wonders of Calendula!

Do check out the video below video for the Calendula family!

Each Calendula Mask is made with 150 handpicked Calendula petals and Aloe Vera juice. Also the Calendula flowers are handpicked for freshness in whole every August (summer time where sun is full),...

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