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13 Oct 2017

Continuing from the previous post... here is a recapped on my picks from Lam Sam Yick!

In this post, i will be reviewing the Angled Foundation Brush and the Angled Point Foundation Brush. Honestly, i was initially confused between these two. I was discussing this with my friend Yan Teng and we both thought the these two brushes are the same! It looks the same online too, with white handles, slanted bristles and duo shade brush fiber. So.. we ordered thinking these are the same but to our surprise they are actually 2 different brushes!

The Angled Foundation Brush is actually slightly bigger in size, i would say about 0.5cm bigger. While the Angled Point Brush (or they c...

15 Sep 2017

So recently, i get to try out the well known Lam Sam Yick brushes. I have heard a lot about the brand and whenever friends travel to Taiwan, most came back with a couple of purchases from the brand.

Let me share what i have picked out from the brand! (Item 1 to 3 will be in this post and 4,5 will be in the next post)

1) 545 Ultra Cone Contour Brush - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?product_sn=635

2) 502 Large Powder Brush - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?product_sn=873

3) Aboriginal Brush Set (Black) - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?product_sn=1284&standard_sn=1448

4) Angled Foundation Brush - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?produ...

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