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16 Mar 2018

Hi Everyone! It’s been quite some time now! Sorry for missing for this period of time as I just delivered a baby girl on the 2nd January 2018 and as a first time mom there was just so many things to learn! Took me a while to rest, recover before I start learning all the little tips on caring for the newborn.

So as the first blogpost after this short break, I am sharing today on Shu Uemura NEW Petal Skin Cushion Foundation. The cushion launch event was exactly the 1year Anniversary of the foundation. And to celebrate the cushion launch, Shu Uemura is also launching this limited edition petal 55 Sakura colour ergonomic brush! 



I’m using it with the pet...

18 Nov 2017

Hi! A while back, i got to preview the new skincare range from Kose Premium Cosme Decorte brand. The new range with a history of 27years creates Decorte AQ (AQ means Absolute Quality) with the understanding of 3 important Skincare beliefs: The Power of Skin Healing focuses on Skin Reponsiveness,  Absolute Radiant Skin and Absolute Formula. Based on the concept of "holistic beauty", the range gives users a complete journey of scents and texture to unwind and enjoy benefits of the Science behind the skincare.

  •  Skin Responsiveness

  • Absolute Radiant Skin

  • Absolute Formula

This latest update is now focused on skin healing and responsiven...

7 Nov 2017

Join To Be Calm this Christmas and choose your own stunning vessel with your own blend of fragrance, learning both the art of flower arranging and candle making at this wonderful workshop to decorate your festive table.

Price includes a 2 - 2.5-hour workshop, tuition and supplies to create fresh centrepiece and seasonal candles.

Mid Morning Classes & Evening Classes
Includes Tea, Coffee & Panettone or glass of Champagne & Panettone
Maximum 20 people per class

Date: 4 and 5 December 2017

Location: Providore Downtown

Long Arrangement inclusive of 3 glass candles - silver or gold $170.00
Single arrangement glass $120.00
Single arrangement Ceramic $130...

25 Oct 2017

Hi! Hope everyone has been good lately. Just a little update about myself. I am currently officially in my 3rd Trimester! At 7months preg, its 2 more months to go before we welcome a new family member into our love nest.

So i spent 3weeks holidaying in Greece as my Babymoon (this holiday where we have before the birth of a baby and in my case, a pretty long massive summer holiday touring around Greece) To be honest, Greece was never my number one choice when it comes to holidays destination, i prefer somewhere where it is more exotic like Iceland and South Africa which i went last year and really had the time of my life and cross out a couple of bucketlist items! Haha...

13 Oct 2017

Continuing from the previous post... here is a recapped on my picks from Lam Sam Yick!

In this post, i will be reviewing the Angled Foundation Brush and the Angled Point Foundation Brush. Honestly, i was initially confused between these two. I was discussing this with my friend Yan Teng and we both thought the these two brushes are the same! It looks the same online too, with white handles, slanted bristles and duo shade brush fiber. So.. we ordered thinking these are the same but to our surprise they are actually 2 different brushes!

The Angled Foundation Brush is actually slightly bigger in size, i would say about 0.5cm bigger. While the Angled Point Brush (or they c...

15 Sep 2017

So recently, i get to try out the well known Lam Sam Yick brushes. I have heard a lot about the brand and whenever friends travel to Taiwan, most came back with a couple of purchases from the brand.

Let me share what i have picked out from the brand! (Item 1 to 3 will be in this post and 4,5 will be in the next post)

1) 545 Ultra Cone Contour Brush - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?product_sn=635

2) 502 Large Powder Brush - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?product_sn=873

3) Aboriginal Brush Set (Black) - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?product_sn=1284&standard_sn=1448

4) Angled Foundation Brush - https://www.lsy031.com/product_detail.php?produ...

13 Sep 2017

Hi! Today i am sharing a series of Kose Mask with you! Since young, i have been using Kose Mask, the peel off black mask used to be under Sekisho range and i have emptied more than 8 tubs of it! I use it weekly and after each use, it does leave my skin feeling clean and bright. Throughout my late teens and early twenties, i rely a lot on Kose skincare and i firmly believe that it was Kose that got me my fair skin now. On top of the peel off mask, i actually do use the Skkisei Essence Sheet Mask which gives me plenty of hydration

Let me share with you the best-loved Kose Signature Mask today! (now my open secret to clean and fair skin)

Sekkisei Herbal Gel, 6-in-1 multi...

8 Sep 2017

Ever had a situation where you need flowers delivered quickly to cheer someone up? Look for A Better Florist where they offer handcrafted flowers and free 90 minutes delivery! Quick and reliable, you can check of "make someone's day" off your to-do list

I was sent "The Allison" Bouquet (priced at $86, inclusive of delivery)

Meet our signature burst of color - The Allison. Packed full of multi-hued tulips and sprinkled with meadow whites.

Send The Allison to celebrate the heartiest of loves, the cheeriest of friendships, the biggest of congratulations. Always packed with the freshest blooms to make your statement.

Blooms will arrive wrapped in burlap.

So why A Better F...

28 Aug 2017

Hi Everyone! Today i will be sharing Crabtree & Evelyn 6 fully new ranges that is naturally derived to offer well-being benefits for the mind and body that help you balance all you have to accomplish and elevate your everyday experiences. So join me and explore this beautiful home-spa sensory journey.

The 6 new range consist of

  • Lavender & Espresso - Calming (Blend of Woody Lavender & Cypress Oil, Cirtron Oil, Patchouli Oil. Sandalwood Oil, Coffee Oil)

  • Rosewater & Pink Peppercorn - Hydration (Blend of Rose Petals, spicy peppercorn, bergamot)

  • Citron & Coriander - Energizing (Energize with lemon, honey, coriander extracts to recharge your skin and awakes you...

22 Aug 2017

Hi All!

I am sure when it comes to makeup remover wipes, Bifesta does pop up as a well known pioneer brand! I started using Bifesta ages ago with their Eye & Lip makeup remover which instantly removes all types of waterproof makeup such as stubborn mascara and eyeliner, eventually, i went on to try out their popular cleansing lotion (which comes in 5 types for 5 different types of skin types). Now they are launching the all new Oil-in Makeup Remover Sheets, infused with natural botanical oil, offering skincare benefits for a more radiant and clear skin while removing the most stubborn waterproof makeup.

So let me share a little bit more about Bifesta Makeup Remover Wip...

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