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12 Mar 2020

Hi Everyone!

Its back to my series of blogpost about confinement! Lets do a Confinement Food Review So this is the second time that i have choose to engage Tian Wei Signature Confinement food, similarly, i start my food with Tian Wei after my 6 weeks of confinement service with PEM confinement nanny. This time round, i got the 14Days Lunch & Dinner plan instead of the 28Days lunch and dinner previously. (Click here to read Tian Wei Confinement Food Review)

All of Tian Wei meals are 100% MSG FREE, breast feeding friendly with plenty of milk boosting ingredients, freshly cooked daily and has a well balanced variety with over 49 different dishes. Confinement meals CAN be...

20 Feb 2020

Hi Everyone!

The first beauty-related thing i did postpartum was to touch up my nose threadlift! i did once while i was in the early stages of pregnancy ( i didnt know i was pregnant but it is safe to do it anyway!) but i wanted a more "lifted" look so i head to Aesthetics Central Clinic @ The Central which specializes in Eyes, Face, Skin, Body and Hair treatment.

It is tuck away in the quiet and peaceful office building area of The Central so you can get all the privacy you need without bumping into familiar faces. Also the location is so central it is perfect for "lunch-time quick fix". The clinic bright, clean and spacious with different corners for patients to wait...

18 Jun 2019

Hi Everyone,

Recently i have going to Novu Aesthetics for their signature P+ Phyto Laser and Ion Infusion Treatment. 

P+ Laser starts off with a short consultation with the doctor to understand your lifestyle, skin issues and problems. All laser treatments are done by doctor. What i really enjoy about going to NOVU aesthetics is the no-appointment needed system. Basically, you just need to download the app (oh yes, Download it and be rewarded with a surprise), where you can access all your package details, view the opening hours of all their stores, no.of people in queue in each stores, read about all their treatment and products. As a user myself, i find the app reall...

17 Jun 2019

Hi everyone!

Today i will be sharing swatches with you of my FAVOURITE eyeshadow single. This is the most underrated product ever, i wished more people would have tried it so feel so amazing the texture is. It feels as soft and smooth as silk with glitter and shimmers so fine, it is u

Glowing color in a sweep. This dewy-like texture blends effortlessly for a lasting hold of high-impact three-dimensional color. Won't dull or smudge - for a lasting, beautiful finish. Available in 20 shades for infinite mix-and-match. Choose from 20 colors to perfectly match any mood or occasionChoose from 5 accent colors, 6 medium colors, 7 highlight colors, and 2 glitter colors, for a t...

17 Jun 2019

Hi Everyone!

As a new mom, i have been constantly exploring baby products, i am filled with abundant of choices and variety, so much so i often end up buying things which i do not need (or rather my baby does not need) and it becomes very excessive. Also, i avoid buying things which limits the use/liftspan to the baby age, for example, this baby car seat which only allow use up to 6months and beyond 6 months, it becomes redundant. Imagine a big baby? The car seat which easily cost a few hundred dollars would only be used for 4-5months?

My new shopping place would always be Mothercare, Motherworks and the baby section in departmental stores. After exploring so many bran...

25 Sep 2018

Hi everyone!

Previously, i have done a post on Bifesta Beauty Oil-in Makeup remover wipes (HERE) . Just a little history of Bifesta, they are an award winning Japanese brand which specializes in makeup removers. I started using their Eye and Lip makeup remover many many many years back when they just entered Singapore's market, it is actually ranked no.1 by Japan Cosme. They are also the first to launch micellar water in Japan which is now a big hit among everybody in Asia. 

Today i am going to share more about their all new generation of Micellar Cleansing Lotion which is

  •  STRONGER (on removing tough makeup) and GENTLER (on delicate skin)

  • NO oil, al...

4 Sep 2018

Hi everyone

During the 3-4months post partum, i experience significant hairloss. It was such a traumatizing experience there was times i had to close my eyes throughout the shower and purposely diverted my eyes away from the shower drain. I could not understand how scary it was when people told me about postpartum hairloss until i experienced it myself, it affected me so badly that i was at my wits end. So i went back to my most trustworthy brand Phyto to check if there is any products to help.

I was introduced to Phytologist 15 range (which i was very familiar with as i have tried it previously) ---> Phytologist-15-Best-Anti-Hairloss-Treatment-I-Have-Ever-Tried 

I was...

30 Aug 2018

With the current trend of incorporating technologies into beauty regime i have come with with some of the latest beauty devices targeting the busy working ladies. Generally, beauty devices has been around for quite some time but it hardly penetrates into the consumer market because it can be very expensive, bulky, not user friendly and hard to maintain. But as consumers are now more receptive to new ideas, there are much more at-home beauty devices where users can create their very own facial session at home.

1. Iren Skin Vaporizer ($338, now $299 and free 3 serums)
Founded by the team behind Iren Skin (who also happens to be the same team behind Ikeda Spa), which uses...

7 Jun 2018

Hi Everyone!

So today i am here to talk about my confinement. Just a little background on the local confinement practices, it includes many ridiculous rules which in my opinion adds unnecessary stress to new moms. For me, the process of labour, c-section, recovery was not traumatizing, it was the confinement experience which i could not stand. And because of the terrible experience i had during confinement, i decided to skip the confinement lady for the next baby. 

i will address some of the ridiculous rules.

1) No Bathing.

Confinement originates from Northern China where it is really cold most of the time and freezing during winter months. Those villages do not have acc...

6 Jun 2018

 A few years ago before ReFa Carat series was available in Singapore, i have heard a lot of postive reviews and its popularity in Japan (more than 5millions units sold!) . So out of curiosity, i  was planning to buy one but the overall shipping +  taxes + handling fee from a 3rd party was close to an additional of $200 on top of the device. It adds up to close to $500 which i find too expensive to pay for. So i waited and waited and waited. In 2015, MTG came to Singapore and launch their collection of the ReFa series at Takashimaya Fragrance counter, i was excited to finally be able to try on the legendary ReFa Carat and was sold immediately upon try. There was a  #t...

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